Vegan Bodybuilding: Bodybuilders reveal how they got Ripped by Eating just Vegetables

Whilst most body-builders fill their diets with meat and eggs, a new wave of muscle men and women are challenging the meat-eating stereotype…by turning to plant-powered diets.

The new tribe of body-builders, who abstain from meat and swear by the power of a vegan diet, are gaining popularity on social media and taking the body-building world by storm.

Last year, Mr Universe was won by Norwich-based Barny du Plessis, who says ditching meat from his diet has helped give him more energy and improved his recovery times after exercise.

The professional body-builder describes himself as a ‘fighter for animals, the planet and harmony’ and almost retired after a successful 20-year career…until he decided to turn vegan.

The drastic diet change saw him gain weight, spurring him on to continue competing and even open a stall dedicated to vegan produce in his hometown of Norwich.

Another Brit flying the flag for body-building is 25-year-old Max Seabrook. The Kent-based fitness fanatic says going vegan was the ‘best decision of my life’.

He now follows a five-meal daily diet with typical dishes including cinnamon sweet-potato mash with broccoli, cauliflower and lentil dhal.

In Germany, heavily tattooed Arvid Beck, 33, from Düsseldorf, says he packs his diet with legumes, grains and oatmeal to help maintain a buff physique. Talking of his vegan lifestyle he says: ‘My body is fuelled by plants and compassion.’

Although not exclusively for vegans, The Naturally Fit Games, a sporting event held in Austin, Texas, has seen a rising number of plant-powered body-builders and athletes competing.

Erin Fergus, 31, from Greenville, in South Carolina, is one such body-builder, who last year won first place in the novice heavyweight body building category at the competition.

Explaining her choice to FEMAIL, she says: ‘No living being should have to suffer for me to reach my goals.’

Erin Fergus began bodybuilding at the same time as she transitioned from being a vegetarian to a vegan.

‘I wanted to prove that a body can be powered by and built on nothing but cruelty free, plant based foods,’ she explains.

Despite the common wisdom that meat equals muscle mass, nutritionist Michelle Storfer explains that a plant-powered diet can be equally efficient.

‘There’s certainly no need to eat meat to build muscle!,’ she explains.

‘An athletic career can be fuelled through intelligent nutrition on a plant-based lifestyle.’

‘There is a collective fear among the Western world, that if we’re not eating animal products, then we won’t get enough protein but quite the opposite can be true.

But Michelle suggests that in order to sustain a competitive bodybuilding career, there would need to be much more careful consideration and planning to be taken into account to meet ones needs through ‘plant-based protein’ alone.

‘Through a well-balanced diet based on whole-foods, with the optional inclusion of a vegan protein supplement bodybuilders can consume more than sufficient protein to build muscle.’

For Erin that diet includes a mixture of almond milk, rice cakes and lots of berries.

‘I love protein “ice-cream”,’ she says, ‘It’s a simple blend of protein powder, almond milk and any berries or nut butters of choice.

‘Another weird concoction that I love is two rice cakes crumbled into my protein shake left to soak overnight. It tastes like the bottom of an ice-cream cone when it gets soggy from the ice cream.

‘I also love my oatmeal mixed with protein powder and topped with berries for breakfast.’

Body-builders and partners in business and love, Dani Taylor, 29, and Giacomo Marchese, 34, also swear by their plant-powered way of life and have launched, an online all vegan supplement shop.

Apart from supplements the pair pack their diet with oatmeal, potatoes, broccoli, tofu, green beans, peanut butter, extra firm tofu, black bean pasta and berries.

‘Our goals change quite a bit throughout the year whether it is the off season or we are preparing for a competition’ explains Dani

‘But by having a flexible approach to nutrition we are able to enjoy foods we love and still have social lives, while still reaching our goals.’

The couple have also founded PlantBuilt, an online movement of vegan athletes, with 65,000 Instagram followers.

They say their romance has spurred them on when it comes to diet, fitness and establishing their business. ‘When you find someone who feels passionately about the same things, you become a team that can make big changes together. We follow a flexible dieting approach.

‘Our nutritional goals change quite a bit throughout the year, but by using this approach, we are able to enjoy foods we love and still have social lives, while still reaching our goals.’

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Why onions, garlic and leeks are seen as “non-vegetarian” foods(GDD-349, Master Sheng Yen)

Buddhism teaches that it’s best to refrain from eating the five pungent spices. There are two reasons for this: when you’re chanting sutras or when you’re receiving guests, it is impolite and disrespectful if your breath smells bad. The other reason is that they arouse anger when eaten raw; when eaten raw before they’re cooked, they make you irritable and ill-tempered. When eaten cooked, they arouse your passions; when you eat them cooked, they arouse your sexual desire and stimulate your sex drive.

SHICURVES not vegan | Best diet for PCOS + Obesity MUST WATCH!

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Treat PCOS with a Vegan Diet

Allergic Reactions to Food

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This video is for informational purposes only.
The medical and/or nutritional information in this video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have heard in this video.

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Irish People Try Vegan Food (Milk, Turkey, Gummy Bears, …)

“It’s definitely something that’s been made in a lab.”

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We got a load of carnivores together and asked them to compare vegan food with their meat alternative.

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How I eat fully raw when life gets hard.


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​When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I suffered from an upset stomach for most of my childhood, and was deemed “lactose intolerant” at a young age. But, once high school began, I was getting too sick to just avoid dairy. Upon my diagnosis, I began experimenting with my diet, in addition to taking over a dozen perscription drugs for my illness. I found myself eating the “white diet” for almost six years, which consisted of mostly fiberless, processed foods such as white bread, processed meat, egg whites, and sugary cereals. This diet allowed me to live my life outside of the bathroom, but did not aid in healing. Around age 19, I began experimenting again with my diet, and trying to incorporate more healthy foods. I introduced vegetables and fruits into my diet, and started eliminating highly processed foods. Through this journey, I stumbled upon the paleo diet, and eventually to veganism eight months later. One month after going vegan, I found Fully Raw Kristina on YouTube, and binge watched her videos. The next morning I woke up and ate bananas for breakfast, and have not eaten cooked food since. I was able to get off all of my prescription drugs, and be completely symptom free! This lifestyle has helped me turn a negative diagnosis into a positive lifestyle change. Through this journey, I have manifested my dream life- living in the tropics in a sustainable community, and becoming my happiest and healthiest self.

Sex Drive on a Vegan Diet

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Sex Drive on a Vegan Diet
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Vegan Bulking Day of Eating & An EASY Way to Gain Weight Eating Vegan

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In this episode I really just wanted to show a very simple day of eating for me because usually I’ll try to make one special meal to expand my own pallete and to experiment with you guys! When it comes to gaining weight as a vegan it comes down to planning and routine, having a few meals you repeat over and over makes life a lot easier (maybe not as easily pulled off for some as others). Anyways, check out the episode for all sorts of good stuff and if you happen to dig it drop a comment, leave me a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel!


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Dr. Peter Glidden On Vegans vs. Carnivores
You are a vegetarian / vegan and your neighbor’s a carnivore. You look at each other over the fence and each thinks the other has it all wrong. Guess what, you both do!

Question the “Expert”

There are a lot of controversies surrounding the question: who is better off, vegetarian, vegan or carnivore? Someone sent Dr. Glidden a Dr. Oz clip about vegetarianism in which Dr. Oz says he knows a lot about vegetarianism because his wife is a vegetarian. That makes him an expert, right? No, but we’ve all been socialized to believe that the MD knows what’s best for us. And yet MDs have no training in medical nutrition. You can be a vegan and you can be a healthy vegetarian and you can be a healthy carnivore as long as you avoid the Ten Bad Foods, as everybody should. Go to and click on the link to sign up for Dr. Glidden’s free newsletter and his staff will send you the list and a video explaining why you need to avoid these foods. Add into your diet the 90 Essential Nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 essential fatty acids.

To Farm or Not to Farm

These nutrients are the staff of life and they are not present in the food you eat, regardless of your dietary leanings. It’s not so much what you eat as what you don’t eat, what you are absorbing and the nutrient status of the food you are eating. Even if you own 1000 acres of the most organic farmland on the planet and you eat only what’s on your organic farm, you will still be nutritionally deficient. The 90 essential nutrients are not present.

Take the Next Step in the Right Direction

Because of the lack of nutrients in your body you become sick and you are forced to see a medical practitioner, an M.D., who will throw a drug at the problem, not to cure it but to manage the symptoms. You start the slow death spiral into bad health, higher medical bills, more ineffective treatments….and then you die. Before you die you go bankrupt. All because you thought you were doing the right thing. If this sounds scary to you, that’s because it is.

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Not Chicken Nuggets | Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

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Are these the same thing you’ll find at a fast food joint? No way. Are they better for you though? Without a doubt. Plus, they’re a ton of fun to make. FULL RECIPE BELOW.

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Not Really Nuggets Recipe


-1/3 c maple syrup
-2 T apple cider vinegar
-3 T chia seeds, soaked 10 mins
-2 cloves garlic
-2 T chili powder
-1 T miso
-1 t cayenne
-1 t cumin
-1 t salt
-1 cup sun dried tomatoes, soaked 1 hour
-1 red bell pepper
-1/2 onion
-3 ears corn
-1 cup nutritional yeast
-2 cup ground sunflower seeds
-2 cups ground sesame seeds

-1 cup ground flaxseed
-1 t chile pepper
-1/2 t salt

BBQ sauce:
-1 cups sun-dried tomatoes, soaked one hour
-1 T nama shoyu
-2 T apple cider vinegar
-¼ cup maple syrup
-½ cup olive oil
-½ t sea salt
-1/2 onion
-2 medium sized tomatoes
-1 t paprika
-1/2 cayenne

– Add the maple syrup and apple cider vinegar to the blender and pulse.
– Next add in the garlic, chili powder, miso, cayenne, cumin, salt, and chia seeds. Blend again.
– Add onion, tomato, sun-dried tomatoes, and corn. If you start having problems blending, just use a spatula to move the mixture down and make sure everything is getting blended.
– Pour this mixture into a bowl and clean out your blender.
– Grind sunflower and sesame seeds in a high-speed blender or coffee grinder.
– Add your ground seeds and nutritional yeast in with the mixture already in your bowl, and mix everything together with a spatula.
– In a small bowl, assemble your breading mixture by just tossing together your ground flax, chili pepper, and salt.
– To make our patties, use a large soup spoon to scoop it up, and form into a patty shape, coat each patty with your breading mixture, then lay it on your dehydrator sheet, or on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
– Dehydrate overnight, or bake in an oven for about an hour at 200 degrees F, flip them, and then bake for one more hour.
– Finally, let’s make our BBQ sauce. First add all the liquids – nama shoyu, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, olive oil, into the blender, as well as your spices – paprika, cayenne, and salt. Blend.
– Now add in your tomatoes, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes. Blend again.

– high in omega 3s
– great source of fiber
– good for immunity