Biodynamic Local Farm Fresh Food

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Biodynamic Local Farm Fresh Food

Here at Simply Fit At Home we choose biodynamic local farm fresh food and it is our recommendation that you do your best to get the highest quality food you can for yourself and your family.

This is why we choose Biodynamic:

Biodynamics has much in common with other organic approaches – it emphasizes the use of manures and composts and excludes the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Methods unique to the biodynamic approach include its treatment of animals, crops, and soil as a single system; an emphasis from its beginnings on local production and distribution systems; its use of traditional and development of new local breeds and varieties; and the use of an astrological sowing and planting calendar.[7] Biodynamic agriculture uses various herbal and mineral additives for compost additives and field sprays; these are sometimes prepared by controversial methods, such as burying ground quartz stuffed into the horn of a cow, which are said to harvest “cosmic forces in the soil”, that are more akin to sympathetic magic than agronomy.[8] (source

Biodynamic Local Farm Fresh Food

So why is it important to consider the highest quality food to eat?

You’ve heard the saying

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin , an 18th century French politician once said, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” 
The 19th century philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said, “Man is what he eats.”
“Let food be your medicine” – Hippocrates

Today we are living with so many toxins from how industry grows food to chemicals in the environment. All of this has a toll on the human body.

High-quality food can be one way to help your body be healthy. And then taking that high-quality food and cooking/preparing it in your own kitchen will help you realize the benefits of that food.