Dr Robert Cassar – Super Probiotic Fermented Veggies PART 3 in series 720HD 2014

In this video we are showing you the progress of the fermented super veggies with Nori, red peppers, cucumber, brown seaweed extract, living silica, magnesium concentrate minerals, and a variety of veggies and we will also show you how easy it is to sprout some live sunflower seeds with a short lecture on some daily living ideas. If you have not seen the other parts of the fermented video series take a watch and have fun terrain modifying your gut wall bacteria to a new existence of health …

”Raw food is one thing but Live food is everything !”

Google : Dr Robert Cassar make you own hot sauce if you have not seen this video. I use the hot sauce on my cabbage too when I want to spice it up and make it a meal snack. (see video: Dr robert cassar mineralized hot sauce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFxzGQJHUe4 ).

We also talk about breakfast tea, Kombutcha and sprouting live seeds.

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