How to make ghee coffee? (butter coffee only better)
Here is a quick no nonsense video showing how to make delicious organic coffee with bio-dynamic ghee.

Get your butter buzz burn on anywhere no power is needed! This is how I make butter coffee on my yacht, when at sea or in the harbour.

Using ghee instead of butter makes it quicker to make as you do not need a blender and it has none of the lactose of butter.

Quest Coffee Roasters – Organic Costa Rica high latitude coffee
3 tea spoons – Key Ghee – Biodynamic Ghee
1 table spoon – Melrose – MTC Oil

Equipment used:
Aeropress Coffee Maker
Kmart Hand-whisk

1st – Melt ghee or butter with some hot water.
2nd – Press a proper Aeropress organic coffee shot in the same cup.
3rd – Add desired MCT oil.
4th – Whisk for 20seconds with Kmart hand whisk.

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