SunHawk Farms: Biodynamic Preparations

John Schaeffer and Nantzy Hensley of SunHawk Farms discuss the use of biodynamic preparations for improving the quality and vitality of their organic crops of lavender, olives, and wine grapes. Shown here is the making of Prep 501.

“You are what you eat” is a founding principle with John and Nantzy, and they follow Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic practices to improve the wholesomeness of their farm’s products. Biodynamics has an additional benefitfor the couple: bringing them in harmony with the world.

SunHawk Farms products are certified organic and biodynamic by Demeter International.

Biodynamic practices restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony. Central features include crop diversification, the avoidance of chemical soil treatments and off-farm inputs generally, decentralized production and distribution, and the consideration of celestial and terrestrial influences on biological organisms.

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Video produced by Randy Johnson