TheSuv.Org – A look around the ALL Organic, Wildcrafted and/or BioDynamic Fruit & Veg Shop

As you will be able to see in the video our fruit and veggies are ALL organic, wildcrafted and/or Bio-Dynamically grown, and to make it even better our prices are better than anywhere else. You’ll be astounded at how cheap we sell!!

This is food for the people… we care about your health and well-being and that is reflected in our produce, our prices and the love we put into what we do :)

We will very soon have more information about the fruit and veggie shop online at:

In the meantime you can go to: and browse through our online shop where you will find dozens of our products, including our in house ALL organic delicious spreads and lots more!

For more info on health and wide range of other topics, please also visit: