WORM GOLD PLUS | Organic Garden Fertilizer For Your Fruits And Vegetables

Our ultra-premium worm castings are produced by worms fed a specific diet rich in chitin, producing castings with an elevated level of recycling organisms called chitin degraders. This means the nutrition can now be fed to the plants far more efficiently. The result: Worm Gold Plus!
Our worms and their castings are also supplemented with extra soil super-chargers in the form of biodynamic humus soluble kelp extract (the kelp we add is fossilized kelp), along with collodial rock dust. This produces a truly superior casting, which will positively charge your soil with new life and give plants a mega-dose of beneficial biology. The potent quantities of beneficial microbes produced by the worms’ digestion help the elements in soil work together to create a healthy substrate and an optimum growing environment. By improving soil structure, Worm Gold Plus promotes better root zone oxygenation. Worm Gold Plus also provides a gentle blend of nutrition which plants can then feed on as needed for weeks on end. High quality castings are a great source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, plus more than 50 trace minerals and micro-nutrients.
Gardening tips:
We recommend pre-mixing our castings with your soil or soilless mix before transplanting. Add 1/3 Worm Gold Plus to 2/3 soil. Alternatively, top-dress your existing garden as needed. Also excellent as an addition to compost teas or as a stand alone worm-tea. When Worm Gold Plus castings in your soil are activated with an aerobic super-tea like Boogie Brew the results are simply phenomenal! The biological activity in Worm Gold Plus make these castings almost priceless. Nutrients are broken down faster and made more available to plants. Expect to see strong growth characteristics, visible improvements in plant vitality, lush foliar structure, healthier roots and flowers.
*Ingredients: Worm Castings, Volcanic Rock Dust, Fossilized Kelp.

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