How to Start Eating FullyRaw!

How to start a raw food diet! Here are my top ten ways on how you can be successful living a FullyRaw lifestyle!

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I hope that you all are excited and hopeful about the 21-day challenge. I will teach you how to live, breath, and eat FullyRaw! For this first video we’re going to give you all the tips, tricks, etc on how to go FullyRaw. Even if you’re not going FullyRaw, doing one FullyRaw meal can be beneficial. Living raw is not about eating a “diet,” it’s about living a healthy LIFESTYLE. It’s about thriving, allowing your foods to nourish your body and send your soul soaring! There are many ways to eat a raw foods diet. Ironically, some of these ways are not healthy at all. Eating FullyRaw focuses on thriving via a low fat raw vegan lifestyle (80/10/10), which emphasizes consuming more fruits and greens rather than gourmet prepared dishes with nuts or seeds. My diet consists primarily of fruits and greens, which are the most nutrient dense foods. These foods have brought me absolute health, and I want to share my healthy lifestyle with you!

10 Easy Steps to Start Eating a Raw Food Diet:

1. Stock up on Fruits! (Throw out ALL junk and make SURE that you have enough in your house to last you at least a week!)
2. Make your first meal of the day a juice or smoothie. (32-64 oz) Try my Holy Grale, Sunburst Juice, Soulshine Juice, Jungle Juice, V8 Juice, or Orange Spinach Basil Smoothie! YUM!
3. Make your second meal a huge platter of fruit! Eat all the fruit that you care for and preferably mono-meal. This is the easiest on digestion. Examples of a fruit meal are bananas (7-15), oranges (10-15), pears (8-10), grapes (whole 2 lb bag), apples (7-10), persimmons (10), etc. Gravitate towards sweeter fruits because these have a higher calorie ratio per unit of volume. If you are worried about not being able to eat as much as you need, remember that your stomach is a muscle and that it can expand AND contract when “exercised” properly. Yes, you can eat more expensive fruits (berries, cherries, etc)– it’s personal and monetary preference!
4. For your dinner, eat a small plate of fruit and a large salad! Start with juicy fruits like citrus (5-6 pieces) and end with a GIANT Rainbow Salad. Consume about 1-2 heads of leafy greens if you can. Try my Epic Raw Marinara as a dressing and add whatever veggie toppings you want! Make it colorful and filled with life!
5. Educate yourself! Check out the FAQ page at
6. Exercise! Get at least 20 minutes to an hour a day at least!
7. Find a community with whom you can share this blessing! Join a co-op like or find a potluck near your via meetup sites like You can also post to find others on my facebook page at You’re not in this alone, and when you have community, you will feel like you have a support team around you all the time! It’s much more fun to have friends with common interests! :)
8. Get rest! Sleep! you need recovery time!
9. Eat enough… cronometer until you get used to how much your body needs
10. Be gentle with yourself! Love yourself! Self-love takes time to develop. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have hope that you can change your life. I am here for you as are many others.

I am SO excited to have you here with me on the 21-Day Challenge. We are creating a beautiful health community! Sending my hugs!

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Eating Raw Changes Your Eye Color? (Raw Vegan Myth #10)

Is FullyRaw right? Can eating a raw food diet really change your eye color?

Join me as I do my best to tackle all the silly, irrational reasons often given for eating raw and vegan diets. In Episode 10, I look at the claim by raw foodists that eating a raw food diet can change your eye color, signifying a healthier, more “pure” body.


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Black People Try Vegan Soul Food For the First Time

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What happens when we put five Black comedians in front of some vegan soul food? Will they be able to stomach it? What should they try next? Tell us in the comments below! #ADD #FortheFirstTime



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Production Assistant: Alanna Neely-Sanchez
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DIY JAMBA JUICE | 4 EASY Smoothie Recipes!

DIY Spring Room Organization!

Thanks for watching my DIY Jamba Juice video! Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know which was your favorite, as well as any other requests you have! Love you xo

Katharine’s Video-


*All of the fruit that I used were frozen!*
1 cup Mango
1 cup Strawberries
1/2 cup Orange Juice
1/2 Pineapple Juice
1 cup Ice

Strawberry Surf-Rider
1/2 cup Peaches
1 cup Strawberries
1 cup Lemonade
1 cup Ice

Pomegranate Paradise
1/2 cup Peaches
1/2 cup Mango
1 cup Strawberries
1 cup Pomegranate Juice
1 cup Ice

Kale Ribbean
1 cup Mango
3 Kale Leaves
1 cup Tropical Juice
1/4 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt
Chia seeds- for extra nutrition and creamy-ness!

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Want an Eating Disorder? Eat a Raw Food Diet. Do you want an eating disorder? Then simply just eat a raw food diet. As you will see in this video, the majority of raw food eaters get eating disorders once they embark on a 100% Raw Food Diet. If they get passed the eating disorder phase, there is something else just lurking around the corner.

Vegan Food Prep-Staying Healthy During the Week!

Here is how I prepare some of my food for the week to stay healthy and make sure I eat all my produce :) Check out my other food prep videos here: Instagram:

Interested in Veganism?
Watch Forks over Knives on Netflix (this was the start to my vegan journey….)

If you care about animals
Watch Earthlings:

Easy FullyRaw Juice & Smoothie Recipes!

Easy FullyRaw Juice & Smoothie Recipes! DAY 4 of the 14-Day Bikini Body Challenge! Have fun with me as I show you to make my new favorite raw food vegan smoothie recipes! Today’s meal plan and exercise routine for you here:

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The translations will be shared later on and available in the ebook when it comes out! I hope that you are as excited for this challenge as I am! Thank you all for sharing this experience with me!

Blessings and hugs!


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Healthy Raw Food Lunchbox Ideas!

Need some fun and easy raw food healthy lunchbox ideas?! You will LOVE these FullyRaw School Lunchbox Sets!

Whether you’re a kid or all grown-up, my lunch meal plans are fun, easy, and delicious! Let’s re-invent the cafeteria wheel with REAL health food! Are you ready to feel like a kid again?!

For these sets, simply use your Tupperware or Bento Box of choice. I like to use fun colors because eating from colorful food containers makes the experience that much more enjoyable! :)

The Banana Butter Bowl Set
3-4 Bananas
1-2 Apples
1-2 Tbs. Almond Butter
Handful of Blueberries
Celery Sticks
Carrot Sticks
This set can be paired with my FullyRaw Soulshine Juice!

The FullyRaw Trail Mix
Half Pound Sliced Figs
1 Apple
2-3 Bananas (Optional)
Few Cashews
Baby Carrots
This set can be paired with my Magical Pink Juice!

The FullyRaw Tropic Box
1/3 Ripe Pineapple
1 Mango
1 Colorful Bell Pepper
2 Cucumbers
Sliced Kiwi
1-2 Dates for Dessert!
This set can be paired with fresh squeezed Orange Juice!

Please note that these amounts are aimed towards children, but these recipes are enjoyable to ALL! You can simply adjust the portion sizes and bring the sets with you to work, picnics, events, etc. They are so fun and yummy that your entire family will love them! Create a happy, healthy home and lifestyle and feel good about the foods that you eat and that you feed your children.

Please give this video a thumbs up if you like the recipe and share with family and friends! It’s so yummy that everyone will love it! :)
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Raw Feeding Cat with Organic Raw Food (Organic Meats/Bones with Supplements) Part 2 of 2b

Organic Raw Meats of approx. 40g chicken meat from whole chicken + 40g of organic red meat (rotating from lamb, pork, beef) + organ from whole chicken + approx. 20g to 30g of naked bone from the organic whole chicken.

Chicken meat and bones are divided into individual packets of approx. 40g meat and 20g to 30g bones, along with ONE other red meat (also approx. 40g) ie organic lamb/lamb rack, organic diced pork/tenderloin, organic beef (all parts except minced), wild kangeroo. 1 whole organic chicken will last Chewy about 5+ weeks.

Supplements: Soaked Organic Chia Seeds (best to soak for more than 48 hours, we always have a cup of soaked chia seeds in the fridge for the dogs and cat), Solaray Probiotics (1/3 capsule per day), Organic Raw Whole Food Vitamin C, Vit. B Complex (1/3 cap), vegan Glucosamine with curcumin (1/3 cap), Truganic Green Mush Powder, Organic Wheatgerm, home-made Organic Healthy Powder (consisting of nutritional yeast, lecithin granules, thorvin kelp meal, home-made eggshell powder), Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Krill Oil (only on Tues, Wed and Fri), Celtic Sea Salt (a teeny weeny pinch, forgot to include in vid), and approx. 100ml Diamond (mild alkaline) water.

Sometimes she eats faster (fastest would be 6 mins), sometimes slower (2 hours lol) with alot of cleaning/slacking/playing/SNOOZING episodes in between which explains the pauses in the vid.

She is fed once a day technically. She gets her organic raw wheatgrass (or any other organic veg she fancies to nibble on according to her mood) first prior to her organic meats hours later.

I think adding water to kitties’ food is the easiest way for them to drink up aside from a good water fountain. So how much should kitties drink? ”Normally, a cat will require 2-4 ounces of fresh water in addition to its food.”