Benefits of probiotics: What is a good probiotic?

Benefits of Probiotics: Heal After Antibiotics

In this next installment of my healing journey, we’re talking about the health benefits of probiotics, probiotic benefits, and what is a good probiotic?

You’ve probably heard plenty by now about the benefit of probiotics, but maybe you’re not sure how to choose a good probiotic. This video addresses both of these issues, as probiotics are a vital part of the GAPS diet that I have been following to heal psoriasis and boost my immune system.

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The Amazing “Cure-All” GAPS Healing Diet

Here’s a link to another article I wrote about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics:

And here is a link to the probiotic I use (by Souletics Health Solutions!!)

Also – here are instructions on how to make your own yogurt – it’s easy!

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