Lyme Disease: 4 Ways To Get Probiotics
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Yesterday I talked about how important improving your gut health is. Finding a way to get probiotics in your system is the best way to improve your gut health.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that improve the health of our gut. Improved gut health can increase vitality, improve GI tract quality, and solve a host of different problems from leaky gut to weight issues. Our gut flora has even been linked to our psychological health and happiness.

When it comes to lyme disease, gut health is extremely important. A common symptom in lyme disease is leaky gut syndrome which can be painful and decrease our nutrient intake even though we’re eating healthy.

Eating healthy can only go so far if we cannot digest and utilize the nutrients that we are taking in. We will also find it harder to digest any medications, vitamins, or supplements if we don’t maintain our overall gut health.

Here are some things that have probiotics. Find a way to add them to your diet if you want to maintain a healthy gut and heal lyme disease

Kombucha is a favorite of mine. This old drink comes from China where the first recorded use was 221 BC. They called it the “Tea of Immortality”.

Kombucha is a bubbly tea drink that tastes like a healthier version of soda. It is tea that is fermented using a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast (SCOBY). This is where the probiotics come from.

This drink has recently been popularized in western culture and can be found in almost any grocery store. The main brand that dominates the market is called GT’s. You can find it in the organic section of your grocery store and choose a flavor you like.

You can also make kombucha at home if you’d like. I’ve done it on multiple occasions. Here’s how it’s done:

Boil a large amount of water in a pot. Add your favorite tea. Black and green teas work best.
When done boiling, let steep and cool.
When the tea is cooled, strain out the tea or remove tea bags.
Poor the tea into a large glass container. It must be glass.
Add lots of sugar. This is what the scoby eats.
Add the SCOBY. You can buy a scoby online from amazon.
Let sit and ferment in a dark pantry for 2 weeks.
You can add your favorite fruit juice and ferment again if you’d like, or have it plain.

You will see the “mother” scoby create another scoby, called the baby. Now you have two scobys and you can make two batches if you choose. If not, you can give away the scoby. Your scobys will continue to multiply as you make more batches, making it very easy to have many batches being created at a time. Sharing this drink is easy! Spread probiotics to everyone!

Kefir is a fermented dairy drink that tastes a lot like drinkable yogurts. It comes in all sorts of flavors and varieties, all taste delicious. I have yet to find a kefir that I did not like.

Kefir is great if you have kids that need some probiotics, and certain kefir companies make products especially for kids. They come in a little pouch with colorful characters on it that kids might enjoy. Once they taste the flavor of kefir, they’ll enjoy it even more!

It’s important to remember that kefir is dairy, and dairy is inflammatory. This may not be the best possible choice for someone with lyme disease, but it’s a choice nonetheless. You’ll need to weigh out what’s more important in your specific case: more probiotics, or less inflammation.

Kimchi / Kraut
Sauerkraut is a popular food known for being put on hot dogs in the US. Turns out that a healthy sauerkraut can do much more than just make your hot dog taste interesting. Sauerkraut is actually fermented cabbage with vinegar and other spices.

The fermented cabbage has lots of probiotics in it that will help improve the health of the gut, making it a great addition to any healthy diet. That does not mean you should eat more “dirty water hot dogs” from the streets of New York City. You’ll have to find other ways to eat your kraut.

Kimchi is like an asian version of sauerkraut. They add different sauces and spices to give it a distinct and different flavor. You can usually find kimchi in the organic refrigerated aisle right next to the sauerkraut. Either one of these highly fermented foods is rich in probiotics and adds a healthy punch to the gut.

Pills & Powders
There are many different supplements that have probiotics written all over the labels on the market. You can get them at any health food store.

Beware, for the supplement industry is not highly regulated, and anything that is not a food grade supplement should be questioned, examined closely, and if taken, taken with caution.

Some food grade supplements can be a great addition to a healthy diet that seeks better gut health.

Whatever you choose to use, add some type probiotic rich food, drink, or supplement to your diet to improve the health of your gut, and increase the quality of your life!