Optimizing Gastrointestinal Health – Hippocrates Health Institute

Optimizing Gastrointestinal Health – Hippocrates Health Institute

Tom Fisher Supervisor Nurse at Hippocrates Health Institute talks about gastrointestinal health and what we can do to optimize it. At Hippocrates Health Institute we use raw and living foods that are very nutritional and high in enzymes, but also make green juices from celery, cucumber, sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts, which are not only highly nutritionally dense but are also very absorbable.

Hippocrates Health Institute uses auger type juicers that provide all the best of the vegetables without the fiber rendering it more absorbable into the gastrointestinal system. We also use wheatgrass juice, which is very high in phytonutrients and chlorophyll that are commonly known for their anti-cancerous properties.

At Hippocrates we love enzymes! Enzymes are parts of protein with the ability to help break down foods into a form where nutrients are more easily absorbed. Also when we eat we should chew our food at least 30 times per mouthful so that it liquefies before swallowing.

Hippocrates Health Institute also recommends the use of supplemental digestive enzymes, because we have found that most often people who come to us have compromised gastrointestinal functioning and therefore need extra help to increase nutritional absorption.

Probiotics are another important nutrient that are found naturally in sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented foods, and contribute to populate good flora in your gastrointestinal system, especially if you ever have taken antibiotics, or alcohol or impure tap water, which can knock out some of the healthy flora in this system.

Our gastrointestinal system accounts for about 70% of our immune system, and works with 50% of your hormones, 95% of your neuro transmitters, and 50% of your detoxification system. We have more bacteria in our gastrointestinal system than we do cells in our body.

We should also understand how important are pre-biotics, which are basically fibers that feed the good flora bacteria. The raw living food diet at Hippocrates Health Institute is one of the best fiber diets available. The best fiber foods come from vegetables like bean sprouts, sprouted lentils and beans, and by feeding the healthy bacteria the health of the gastrointestinal system is improved.

Also important for optimum gastrointestinal health is proper food combining taught at Hippocrates Health Institute, as well as digestive enzymes and probiotics mentioned above.

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Optimizing Gastrointestinal Health – Hippocrates Health Institute