4 Healthy & Delicious SNACK IDEAS / Tips on Eating More Raw Food

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Entertaining guests can be a drag sometimes. I remember back in the day I always felt confused and lost about what to serve my guests. Now that I know food is a key factor in being and feeling vibrant and healthy this hasn’t gotten any easier. However, through trial and error and a good dose of knowledge anybody has the potential to serve up delicious & healthy cooked meals or just healthy snacks and treats.
In the video, Pilar and I discuss the benefits of introducing more raw foods in your diet and how this affect our health. Pilar has experienced disease and illness through her family history and for this reason changed her diet and lifestyle. I myself have also experience minor health issues in the past and after almost 2 years of eating raw and cooked whole foods I feel so passionate to share the positive benefits of this amazing way of life.
Here are a 4 Easy Steps to Eating 50% Raw & Healthy……
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