5 Reasons Why Eating Health / Raw Foods Will *NOT* Make You Healthy


Please do NOT expect to become healthy if you focus only on eating healthy. It is NOT gonna work. I promise!
In this video I explain why!


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23 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Eating Health / Raw Foods Will *NOT* Make You Healthy

  1. eres un ejemplo a seguir tu y tu familia, para todos los hombre y mujeres
    que desean un estilo de vida + simple, saludable y armoniosa, felicidades!

  2. Poor kid, that “cake” looks horrid. Could have made a nicer raw cake. Now
    the hate comments…*sigh* 

  3. This is one of my new channels Ka, I’ve subscribed to you on this channel
    as well great video Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Wonderful to see such genuine love of life, a real inspiration with your
    infectious warmth and enthusiasm reaching us here in stressful
    overpopulated London.Thank you ..! We love you too X

  5. +Ka Sundance That’s right! Can u give me some kind of answer pleas? i’m on
    a raw food diet for about 2 months , I thought I was for almost 6, but for
    4 months at the beginning I was eating a lot of cashews and I didn’t know
    they are not raw:c so now I only eat coconuts from nuts. and I love my life
    now I make sports, I feel really amazing, sometimes get tired in uni, but
    i’m realy good now. The question is : are psychedelics bad in your opinion?
    for example my raw gurney started from cannabis smoking. I was on a trip
    to india and first time in my life I was smoking it nearly every day about
    a gram of quality charas at least for 2 weeks. and after I came back to
    where I live I felt emidiatly like I couldn’t eat meet anymore, but b4 I
    was I bloody meat huge lover i’d say.. more then that I felt like all the
    cooked food is a piece of crap,+ alcohol + cigarets , I’ve stoped meet
    cigs, alcohol fish the next morning I arrived back home.. and 4 months
    later I was on a raw diet exapt for cashew. wasn’t that amazing? I know
    people after eating mushrooms get similar effect sometimes.(and this is a
    totally natural psychedelic btw consumed in a raw form) LSD does connect u
    with nature as well if u were not in a middle pf a civilization while
    tripping. Things like DMT, ayahuaska make you think of your relationship
    with others.. dmt brings u some philosophical thoughts if not more.. I find
    this stuff amazing, but what’s sad most of psychedelics are synthetic
    unlike shrooms , is that a reason not to consume some of them at least
    once in a lifetime? I don’t know I’ve tried cannabis and acid and it made
    me feel good , changed my life in a very good way, but after acid for
    example and while on it ( I was on raw that time) I felt kind of sick , not
    that I felt bad, but I felt like my body was sending some msgs to me that
    it’s not right to do this.. and cannabis gave me a lot of benefits , but it
    took me a lot o power to stop it. I was overeating on it that was the
    reason why I did, but after u stop u find a lot of power coming back to you
    and energy , u start to get very nervous while trying to quit it.. So I
    can’t find an answer, it feels like they do very good things to you in one
    way and do some bad things in another, so what do you think of that? I just
    wanna hear a respected person talking on that, i’m pretty sure u’ve tried
    some of this things when u were young , and mb that also was a trigger for
    u to have this lifestyle.. So what do u thing?

  6. What a nice person! I was on rawfood channels that were more negative. This
    is much more positive and not so forceful. Subscirbed!

  7. What I learned as a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative
    Nutrition, you are so right on. Unless we have balance else where…what
    we call Primary Foods is Spiritual, Relationships with others, Careers, and
    Physical Activity, this is first!! Adding in nutritious foods as you go
    you will feel difference. Self Realization is key!!! 

  8. Healthy for me, is eating cookies, cake, sweets, cheese, Ramon noodles, and
    other gmo’s, with drinking plenty of soda and not having a social life
    cause people are meanies, and I don’t need a relationship, to be happy, I
    taught my brain not to care what people thick about me, so I am the
    healthiest person in the world happiest too bet I could live to be 240

  9. This is totally true! I agree.
    Ka, your videos are amazing! I really like that you have reasoned thinking,
    not only saying how good and awesome it is. Keep doing it!

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