A RAW DIET of LIVING FOODS + a very simple JUICE RECIPE: cucumber & lemon… yum…

JUICING RECIPE! CLICK(more info)⬆ http://life-regenerator.com *JARS of JUICE http://JARS.life-regenerator.com *VEGGIE WASH http://VEGGIE-WASH.life-regenerator.com *JUICERS http://JUICER.life-regenerator.com






¾ qt. = 24 oz =
710 ml = 0.71 l

* I n g r e d i e n t s *
— 3 Cucumbers
— 1 Lemon (UNpeeled if organic; peeled if not organic)

— Always SCRUB & WASH
PRODUCE before juicing OR eating!

* P r e p *
— 1) Run the cucumbers and lemon through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. http://JUICERS.life-regenerator.com

— 2) For the portion of juice you’re drinking right now, just add ice if desired & enjoy!

— 3) Immediately pour any remaining juice into GLASS mason jars, sealed shut w/ PLASTIC CAPS (metal lids rust). GLASS JARS + PLASTIC CAPS for your JUICE can be found here: http://JARS.life-regenerator.com Then just keep your jars of juice in a fridge or cooler until you’re ready to drink some more! Your juice can stay very fresh this way for 2 days, 3 at the absolute most. IDEALLY, you want to drink juice RIGHT after it’s made. REALISTICALLY, not many people are able to make a fresh juice in the morning before work, nor while at work! So do the best YOU can & make JARS o’ JUICE! Can you dig it? 😀

* I n s p i r a t i o n *

— Simple juices like this one are just the best! At the end of a hot summer day, or anytime of the year…

— You can also try this juice with LIME instead of the lemon! 😀

— Or, try making a cucumber salad by just shredding up the cucumber (or chopping it into slices), then squeezing some lemon and/or lime over it. Delicious! If you want to go wild, you could even drizzle some honey on it too…

— Cucumbers are very, very good for us!

— I’m not adamantly opposed to cooked foods, but I enjoy focusing on adding in foods that increase my life energy. Raw fruits & herbs are very energetic and life-giving!

— I feel that being a natural, earth human comes from eating natural, earth foods!

— The energy from raw foods I feel cleans one’s organs and glands out, allowing the body to function as it should, meaning that ailments just disappear on their own.

— For a snack, rather than reaching to many of those tasty, yet dense raw food treats, I like to reach for REAL foods such as whole fruits and vegetables…like oranges, parsley, celery…or if it needs to be something more portable, then dried fruits like dates or Turkish apricots.

— Mineralize, Earthify & Tonify!

— Be so energized that it’s unreal!


Love, Dan