25 thoughts on “Beyond Raw Food (172) – my thoughts on supplements

  1. You’re completely right… For truly comprehensive nutrition, commercially
    available “organic” whole foods may only constitute less than a quarter of
    what we need to reach adaptive vitality. I eat a lot of local biodynamic
    food, but that alone still doesn’t provide the awesome benefits of the
    tonic herbs. And if I have a specific condition to treat, I will need to
    look beyond the scope of conventional fare. A great video… lots more to
    say… running out of space… bye for now!

  2. Hey Keith, I wonder if you know Dr. Robert Morse N.D. he has pretty cool
    statement on HIV, and other issues, I thought it might be interesting to
    you. He is on youtube too. Blessings.

  3. @ThreeTreasureTonic I have more to say on this…next video is definitely
    part 2, I got to run too ,, logging way to many hours on internet than I
    like lately

  4. People who are not “deficient” are always the ones who make the anti
    supplement arguments. It’s so egotistical really. I’ve had to figure out
    that synthetic supplements are not the way and that there are supplements
    that utterly fill in the gaps when they are harvested right. I use Wolf’s
    camu berry powder and it’s awesome. What’s wrong with people “selling” what

  5. Hi K What do you think about the Fukushima fallout and how it is affecting
    supplements grown on USA soil. Some stuff that I am currently taking like
    SUN WARRIOR – ORMUS GREENS grown in Utah has me concerned. Do you know if
    radiation is tested for in alot of these products? ….side note, is Truth
    still taking Livon Labs Vit C Excellent Vid as always :-) —>looking
    forward to part 2

  6. @jambinz my own point of you is the same as my point of view on “less than
    good” health food: like chinese herbs (china is one of the most polluted
    places on earth)– I find the best food I can, and I exit the crap from my
    body with zeolites, 2- 5 bunches of cilantro a day ( in everything and
    juiced), kelp, iodine supp, chorella I don’t have but I would be taking if
    i had it– the Liv On Lab C is actually the ONLY supp Truth is using– as I
    get together I got a pvt vid coming to you

  7. @jambinz hey , i think you are on the right path, i don’t know about
    supplements or anything, the only thing I know for sure, is that the
    fallout from the fukushima plant has been the biggest disaster in human
    history, i left victoria biritsh columbia canada and came back to my home
    in mexico to escape some of the fallout, i think to avoid anything that is
    grown in the us is a good idea, but at the same time , its hard to avoid…
    i dont know ,just wanted to say this good luck!

  8. DDDAAAYYYUUUUUMMMM I’ve been wanting to try Dr. Wong’s Zymessence for
    awhile now! How are you liking it?

  9. @ZakMartinKilgour you know, it’s one of those boring sups like he shou wu–
    that doesn’t do anything right away but then after 2 or 3 months you just
    go I’m someone else — this came on high recommendation from Jay Denman to
    me: saying that it actually cracks the shells of tough virus’ — my friend
    Laura has a few serious issues as well… Jay got her on it — she is only
    on the second bottle.. nothing to report except people I trust highly
    recommend it– and the info in it is good

  10. Two supplements I enjoy are Tumeric curcuminoids, and Rose-hip Vital, both
    I de capp and pour onto morning Quinoa. The first time I tried the tumeric
    it just glowed and I felt right about it, sort of like dousing. together
    they worked miracles, after about six weeks… Constant research and
    rebalancing are part of living … Truth is just tooo cool , and funny when
    he does things like make you eat chicken….. Enlightened beings do have an
    amusing comedy of errors !

  11. @rui27marne Carbs! read Primal Body Primal Mind– the book is excellent not
    just for the info, but she is a great writer, you will be pulled in and and
    finish the book in 2 or 3 days– this (book) includes all these concepts as
    well as living life the easy way with your metabolism going “key tonic”–
    on youtube Zack is a far better teacher on this than me –

  12. @sherabfri I use culinary (grade) Turmeric like crazy , but Ive yet to
    invest in medicinal (grade) Tumaric… which I really should do… Truth is
    undeniably one of a few hero’s I have, and is a friend as well: comedy of
    errors: Keyth walks up to the Erewhon Tonic Bar. Truth says: “DRUID, what
    do you want”, ” I want a reishi cappucino, and Ive been wanting to try
    Supreme Creation by Dragon Herbs” Truth: “NO, thats too YANG for YOU, your
    not getting it” :-) I love him :-)

  13. @daemona71 I guess if theres negative associations with “pill form” I agree
    with you, very few health sups actually are in “pill form”, most are in
    caps… and I open all my caps , and dump the powder in the vita mix,,,
    gell caps which i bite open in my mouth and spit the gell cap out after Ive
    sucked out the ingredients.. only 3 things I take are in proper “pill”
    form, and they are fairly not everyday sups for most DHEA, DMAE and
    Tribulus– I chew them

  14. @TerminusIntroduction the layers of capitalism. Be great if everyone that
    is selling wouldn’t have or eventually wind up with a mind set of

  15. @vault3420 no – only listened to and read all his stuff very intently . was
    very obsessed with him him between 2009 -2010… plus I just love him
    because he’s a complete weirdo like me :-)

  16. @Surthriver medicinal ? Ive never stopped- the only variation has been
    moderate to therapeutic amounts and varieties

  17. @liverawksta ”’ plus I just love him because he’s a complete weirdo like
    me”’ lol LMAO GOLD!!!

  18. @liverawkstar Interesting, I’ve heard of some people having immediate
    results, like taking some and within 3 days they’re peeing out what appears
    to be little shards of scar tissue, that might be more for people with
    something immediately in the bladder/kidney area of course.

  19. @ZakMartinKilgour on what ? zeolites? for zeolites, yea Ive heard a lot of
    radical changes : especially kids with behavioral problems

  20. @neroli528 B Right By Jarrow is the best in my opinion, extremely cheap on
    Iherb 13 or 14 $– the Shirt is the cover of Cluster II (1971), a german
    pioneering “ambient” band..

  21. @SecretsOfLongevity my filters work quite well. your talking about “just
    ignoring those parts”.. so many of these overly opinionated health
    enthusiasts expect a 100% total ideology from someone (i.e: filter out the
    vegan in David Wolfe and its perfect, although he is definitely NOT
    dogmatic,, uh, anymore) –

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