Different Styles Eating Raw Foods


Within the raw food movement are different styles eating raw.
In this video I am talking about our personal Rawfoodfamily diet we enjoy in the tropical countries like Costa Rica, and how it all changes if we come to Northern Europe (Germany)

You know there are trhe 80-10-10ers who eat mainly fruits.
There are also the paleo raw foodists who eat raw meat.
We have vegans, non-vegans, vegetarian and meat eaters, superfoodists, wild-foodists and purists.
We have people who love juicing and others who do not like it, as it is not 100% natural.

These are just some of the different types I can think of right now.
Where are you in all of this??

I’d say: Try it out!
Eat one way or the other, and see how you feel.

Do not trust us “experts” too much, as I have seen how different we all react on different food, feelings and even situations.
One mans healing could be the other mans poison.
this is not just an empty saying, but I saw this to be true!

In this video I want to bring some light into the darkness and share our personal experience eating raw for almost a decade now.
We tried most of the different styles and here I want to tell you what I think about it!