Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle – Excerpt 1

Filmed at the AWNH Institute in
Puerto Rico
Starring: Debra Secunda, Rhio,
Wigmore Institute staff and students
Director: Robert Shaman
Run Time: 150 minutes

Product Description
This 2 & 1/2 hour DVD of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Raw Living Foods classes & activities is virtually a visit to her Institute Retreat on the beach in Puerto Rico. Learn about enzymes, detoxification, proper food combining, how to sprout and grow fresh natural superfoods in your own kitchen.

Over 1 hour of recipes feature raw chef Rhio, author of Hooked on Raw: (pizza, walnut Toona, Rice-a-Rhio pilaf, nori rolls, fudge, & Dr. Ann’s Energy Soup). Also learn about Culturing & how to prepare seed yogurt, seed cheese, & sauerkraut for natural probiotics. Don’t forget Dessert Class! The raw Apple Pie recipe is the best ever!

Recipes included in this Dvd
•Dr. Ann Wigmore’s “Energy Soup”
•Walnut “Toona” pate
•Nori rolls
•Fudge X-Tasty
•”Cultured” Foods: Seed “cheese” & “yogurt” •Cabbage
•Rejuvelac & sauerkraut
•Almond Pate
•Dehydrated foods & & Rollies
•Apple Pie Dessert