Eating cheap on raw vegan fruitarian diet.

When I tell people I only eat raw fruit, and how healthy it is, most people say “I wish I could too, I just cant afford it”… Well, I think the real answer is they have never tried it. I am currently buying my food at Whole Foods in Colorado Springs, and am spending per 120 calories of food.
If you eat a 2,000 calorie diet per day, you will be spending .66 on food per day! The average american spends .00 per day on food, that makes eating raw vegan cheaper than a standard diet!

11 thoughts on “Eating cheap on raw vegan fruitarian diet.

  1. Did you shop the one day sale? I got grapes & plumbs too. great prices.
    it’s even better when you have the discount :)

  2. Hey dude! My name is Jackson too and I live in Boulder, I switched to a
    vegan diet and have been experimenting with more fruit/raw and it’s cool to
    know there are others in CO doing the same thing. Still trying to figure
    out the best way to buy fruit and everything, so thanks for posting up
    these videos! Give me a shout if you ever come up to Boulder! 

  3. That’s $1k a year on food. I’ve ate 9,000 bananas this year 45 cents a
    pound. Less than $200 a month with $50 on water. $300 at the most. You’re
    really fortunate. 

  4. Epic haul bro!
    I respect your decision to go raw and eating raw foods is always epic. I
    just love the taste of cooked vegan food though so imma keep it up x

  5. Nonsense , no need for these quantities 70percent starch 30 percent fruit,
    you will learn eventually

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