Eating Raw Changes Your Eye Color? (Raw Vegan Myth #10)

Is FullyRaw right? Can eating a raw food diet really change your eye color?

Join me as I do my best to tackle all the silly, irrational reasons often given for eating raw and vegan diets. In Episode 10, I look at the claim by raw foodists that eating a raw food diet can change your eye color, signifying a healthier, more “pure” body.


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17 thoughts on “Eating Raw Changes Your Eye Color? (Raw Vegan Myth #10)

  1. Join me as I do my best to tackle all the silly, irrational reasons often
    given for eating raw and vegan diets. In Episode 10, I look at the claim by
    raw foodists that eating a raw food diet can change your eye color,
    signifying a healthier, more “pure” body.

  2. I dont get it!!! A few months ago u did a video “when since sucks” …but
    yet u always like to cite studies (that u pick and fit in to ur belives) to
    say certain things..
    only because there arent yet any well known “professional” studies showing
    that a raw food diet can change eye color, it doesnt mean that its not
    true.. many raw foodists have had their eye color change.. that doesnt mean
    it will happen to all, it can also be a fact of the glutathione that can
    change eye color, and the sense of clean colon and purity makes sense that
    it will also show on the outside.. do some more reasearch on this topic ;)

  3. Study iridology. My eyes changed on a raw vegan lifestyle. I have proof.
    Look up Dr. Robert Morse. I know hundreds of people whose eyes have changed
    since cleaning up their diet with raw foods. There are only two true eye
    colors. Blue and brown. Look up Dr. Bernard Jensen as well and study his
    work. There’s far too much evidence that the eyes are the windows to our
    internal health. 

  4. Every single video I’ve watched where people claim their eye color changed,
    it’s always “proven” with pictures taken with completely different lighting
    and backgrounds. My eyes are blue with yellow around the pupil, which can
    look green when I wear a green sweater, or blue if I wear blue.
    The first video I ever saw on this topic was FullyRawKristina’s, and every
    video of hers that I watch now, I’m baffled by the amount of blue eyeliner
    she wears in order to make it look like her obviously hazel eyes are blue.
    It just seems like a weird fetish for blue eyes that a lot of these people
    have, like baby blues are the be-all and end-all of colors.

  5. Actually I’ve done research on this as well and found publications
    regarding Glutathione, a nutrient found plentiful in fruits and veges,
    known to affect melanin, which creates eye colour. Glutathione
    competitively inhibits melanin synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase and
    L-DOPA by interrupting L-DOPA’s ability to bind to tyrosinase during
    melanin synthesis. High levels of glutathione do in fact affect iris
    colour, by lightening it since melanin causes a darkening. It works so
    well in fact, that extracted glutathione powder is now being used in
    cosmetics in the Philippines and Japan to lighten the skin and the eyes

  6. I stopped subscribing to Kristina after I watched her ‘I change my eye
    color with raw food’ video. I do not doubt her integrity but do question
    the superiority of one eye color over another. Everyone is free to pick
    their personal aesthetic preferences but that doesn’t imply a health
    improvement. So iridology buffs lets see the non-anecdotal evidence that
    the changes observed are an indicator of improved health.

    What percentage of the population at large not eating raw food experience
    eye color changes at the same age? 

  7. I was about to write that I can’t believe you made this video. There is no
    way in hell anyone can possible believe that eye-color has anything to do
    with food… But then I read the comment section….

  8. The appearance of the eye as an indicator of health cannot be written off.
    All of us know that when we are ill the appearance of our eyes often
    expresses some of the symptoms of ill health. There is a healthy,
    beautiful, brown eye. Fear not brown eyed people. But it is very easy for
    bright colors to be darkened. Watch Kristina’s video. I don’t think any
    of Swayze’s explanations are adequate in describing the change that is
    visible in Kristina’s eyes in her photo. Is reflexology also total BS? Is
    it so hard to believe that nerve endings in various parts of the body are
    linked to other parts of the body? Iridology and reflexology may not be
    well documented sciences but there is definitely something to them. 

  9. Many people including Dr. Robert Morse, who promotes a high-fruit
    vegan diet as a detox method to heal disease, studies iridology and has
    seen time and time again that a cleansed colon over the course of months
    and years leads to clearer, bluer eyes. I do not like your style of
    “there’s no evidence” when there is.. a lot.. of evidence.

  10. You’re basically making a video here without researching the subject enough
    and just deciding on an answer to a question you know nothing about.
    So according to you a raw diet cannot change your eye colour? On what are
    you basing your answer?

    Dr. Robert Morse has some interesting info on the subject of eye colour,
    and he actually determines that our eyes can indicate health problems we
    have. You should look him up, he even mentions Kristina.

    Not all people will experience lightening of the eyes due to diet change,
    but according to Dr. Morse, people can be born with blue eyes that look
    brown because of acidity and poor health, and when they change their diet,
    their eyes will become blue again.
    According to Iridology, the eyes are a map of your health. Nowhere do they
    say that lighter eyes are better. You can be perfectly healthy with brown
    eyes, but that is if your eyes are a true brown colour. For people with
    true blue eyes who’s eyes only seem brown, turning lighter is better.

  11. I think the most important thing that people don’t realize is that
    Kristina conveniently fails to mention that her mother has the same
    hazel/bluish eyes. I do think healing from illness, attitude, diet,
    lifestyle change and the vast amount of glutathione may have all
    contributed to her eyes lightening. But, it’s not necessarily because she
    is raw vegan. This gene was already in her DNA and maybe a gene got
    switched on or off. It could also be simply the fact that as she got older
    hormones changed and her eyes lightened. …A similar thing happened to me.
    My biological mother has red hair. I have naturally dark brown hair. For a
    few years I was naturally growing red streaks. Genes are funny that way.
    But, it is amusing that she used her eye change to promote her
    business…oh, however, I should also mention that there have been
    numerous raw vegans that have reported either a change in eye colour or
    lightening. Denise Minger, a former raw vegan for example, noticed her eyes
    lightened but she says it was most likely due to glutathione. So yes, I
    think diet may change eye colour or not. Mine didn’t. ah well ;)

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