Eating Raw Food

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24 thoughts on “Eating Raw Food

  1. If want to be healthier ditch the milk and cereal and get coconut or almond
    milk, and eat oatmeal or something lol

    I bet the raw vegans saw the title and got happy and now disappointed lol. 

  2. in the UK our milk is the other way around blue cap is the full fat and the
    red cap is the healthiest optiuon lool

  3. lmao…hilarious “I woke up like this” lol. But yeah what i don’t
    understand is people who drinks that fat free milk i think it’s just waste
    of time…what whole milk gonna do to your body if you drink it every day?
    to my opinion nothing but you enjoy the delicious richness of the milk lol.
    We want to drink low fat or fat free milk but yet we are eating chickens,
    beef, pork etc…all those food are most fat don’t they? I gave up on that
    mess of trying to drink only fat free milk a long time ago. I feel like
    this, life is just too short to be so strict of not eating good food. I do
    feel like it’s all in moderation. Im not talking about you Tpindell you
    know I love you and your videos and you have become one of my favorite
    youtuber, Im just saying society has got us believing that we must eat low
    or fat free to be healthy I don’t think that is the case. Me personally I
    do drink whole milk or 2% milk I still want that fat in me lol. I just do
    believe it’s all in balance. But yeah like always I love your videos. May
    God bless and Peace to you always.

  4. I’m the second oldest of 6 lol! I eat cereal the same way my mom says you
    can only have cereal in the mornings too! lol

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