Eating Raw Foods Cost Effectively

Karen Ranzi talks about eating raw foods on a budget, purchasing fruits and vegetables cost effectively. She discusses farmers markets, gardening, foraging, buying in bulk, becoming a member of a food cooperative, investing in yourself and your family, and more. You can see the full article in detail at

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12 thoughts on “Eating Raw Foods Cost Effectively

  1. I totally agree with you. Everyone always says it’s so expensive to eat
    organics & I say to them. If you can buy a $8.00 Starbucks coffee, then you
    can purchase organic veggies & fruits. To me it is way cheaper to eat raw,
    then how I use to eat & as far as I am concerned I actually save money
    eating a plant based diet. Not to mention I’m no longer taking prescription
    medicines, which is a plus. Great informative video. Thanks for sharing! 😌

  2. You are so right! Once you stop eating all the anti-nutrient food, you
    actually are saving money. Good for you for getting off the meds!

  3. I know you are talking about eating raw, but I can’t imagine eating grains
    and beans are bad for us? I am vegan, tons of fruit and veggies, but also
    brown rice, grains, beans, etc. Very cheap!

  4. eating a whole food vegan diet is a very healthy diet. Very healthy.
    However that’s not to say there aren’t some issues with it, if you decide
    you want to take your diet, and your health further. So it’s up to you. :)

  5. its not so easy to plant in the north of Sweden:-) and finding organic
    foods its like looking in the dessert after water 

  6. Up here on the westcoast of Canada, the farmers markets are more expensive
    than the local green grocer. Although I really like to support the local
    farmer so it is a struggle. I am already a celiac vegan, so going raw I
    really noticed a jump in my food bill.

  7. Thank you for the tip on freezing in plastic. I hadn’t heard of that
    before, although I try not to use too much plastic

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