Giving Up on 811 & 30Bananasaday? Deficiencies, Supplements, & Healing: Fruit-Based Raw Vegan Diet

Running into health problems? Feel like giving up on 80/10/10, 30bananasaday, or the raw vegan diet? Bristol, AJ, & Tasha share about their health problems due to deficiencies and how they are continuing on a fruit-based diet by adding in some supplemental items…since the ideal fruit & veggie diet in an unnatural world did not work for us; we need some reality-based modifications.

Alison Andrew’s interview with Don Bennett:
Don Bennett on supplementation:

Due to soil depletion and early harvesting, our fruits & veggies are now vitamin- and mineral-deficient…which means if we are relying on them for all our vitamin and mineral needs, we could be setting ourselves up for deficiencies. This purpose of this video is to raise awareness, so that others can avoid the deficiencies and resulting health problems we have had to face and from which we are still recovering. Please do yourself a favor…do some research on supplementation now–don’t wait to get a deficiency. Deficiencies are not something we would wish on anyone.

Healing Diabetes with Fruit: Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet by Tasha Lee:

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