Has 5+ Years Of Eating Raw Foods Made Me Zinc Deficient?

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Whenever I log my raw food meals into nutrition tracking software, I never score 100% on zinc. Should I be worried about being zinc deficient on a raw food diet?

We often hear concerns from people regarding various nutrients and that they don’t seem to get enough of them, according to the set RDAs.

So what’s the deal with zinc?

Zinc is a mineral and an essential nutrient, which means that you need to consume it through food.

Zinc is vital for growth and cell division, fertility, taste, smell and appetite and healthy skin, nails and hair.

The most common signs of zinc deficiency include:
• decreased appetite
• low energy
• reduced endurance
• white spots and lines on finger nails
• hair loss
• skin rashes and acne
• poor eyesight
• impaired taste, smell and memory.
• stunted growth and impaired development in infants

You will hear that vegans should be cautious about zinc because they don’t consume animal products that are high in zinc, including seafood, eggs, meat, poultry and dairy.

Eating foods that are high in zinc may sound like a good idea, however what if you don’t absorb it well?

Phytic acid that is found in high amounts in grains and legumes can interfere with the uptake of zinc by your body.

Who eats grains and legumes? Most people on this planet! Vegans included!

However, a high-fruit raw vegan diet doesn’t include grains and beans in it.

So should a zinc deficiency be a concern?

I decided to test my zinc levels after being a raw vegan for over 5 years and not supplementing.

Not only that, I have not supplemented with zinc during my pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

Whilst I realise that a blood test is not 100% reliable with regards to testing zinc sufficiency in the body, it is still the most commonly used test for checking your zinc levels.

Low levels of zinc in the blood do reflect a deficiency.

So in this video, I reveal my zinc level results.

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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath