How Eating 100% Raw Foods Can Turn Into An Eating Disorder

How Eating 100% Raw Foods Can Turn Into An Eating Disorder. In this video i am talking about my personal experiences and conclusions.

Im not saying that everybody who try to go 100% raw will have eating disorder or that being raw means you have eating disorder or orthorexia. Im just saying that it is possible that it will happen when your not cautious about it. Especially if you had eating disorder when coming to this lifestyle or you had it in the past. It may come back again, like mine did.

I tried to go 100% raw over and over again, but i had cravings and i always fell back and ate something else, this of course resulted with feeling guilty and disgusting and then i went and throw up my food to feel better. So this developed to an eating disorder, in my case, bulimia.

Now i still eat a lot of raw foods (raw foods ARE HEALTHY for you no doubt, being vegan is healthy) but im just not so strict about it. I eat cooked vegan meals too, go out to restaurants and eat foods i enjoy eating.

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