How My Eyes Changed Color Eating FullyRaw

Did you know that my eyes changed color when I started eating a raw foods diet? Not only did living foods change my health, but also the way that I look to the outside world! Eating vibrant foods allowed me to shine from the inside out!

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5 thoughts on “How My Eyes Changed Color Eating FullyRaw

  1. So why then, if I was born with blue eyes, and I’ve been raised eating
    nothing but junk, have my eyes not turned brown? This is such bullshit.

  2. my dads eyes look exactly like hers but he eats meat every single day… he
    was born with dark brown eyes. i tried to convince him to go a day without
    eating meat but he couldn’t do it lol

  3. wrong the small intestine is 30 ft not the colon
    eye colours are purely linked to genetics, it is a pigment expression
    brown eyes are not “dirty”

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