24 thoughts on “How to Stop Bloating After Eating Raw Foods

  1. I’m trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet, and tomorrow I’m
    starting a raw food detox for about a week. Nothing but raw foods and water
    for at least a week. I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic lately, and I think
    this should help. Your advice is very helpful!

  2. hey, loving ur vids !!! laughed tho in the last one where u say were not
    animals ! lol…… (know u wont mind the jibe)….. am strict vegan have
    been for most of 40 yr life… protein is def the hardest thing for me.
    Long distance swimmer and feel it if im not eating a field of veggies each
    day. Love that u used same argument as i always do regards the nellyphants
    n silverbacks ! spot on !!! if it aint broke dont fix it , n nature has one
    hell of an eye… cheers uk.

  3. @HealthQuestion i wouldn’t think so. I would say that gas is an inevitable
    byproduct of digestion. Excessive gas and bloating is a different matter. I
    find that just because stuff is moving through quicker these days that gas
    is not the problem it used to be.

  4. u get bloating cos its all carbs, no protein, no fats..! FIBRE has nothing
    to do with it..! this diet long term is not actually that healthy at all..
    ! for detox yes, but u need a variety of foods, fats and protein sources..
    cold and raw for some is actually not beneficial at all.. plus it has to be
    organic or ur getting a whole load of xenoestrogens fro the pesticides,
    which will mess up yr hormones and can actually lead to cancer in the long

  5. @HealthQuestion Yes in some cases. We are naturally supposed to have some
    gas. But not to the point of discomfort. Swallowing air (i.e. soda.) has to
    come out eventually. Take enzymes.

  6. @Avatar2050 Long term the diet is a miracle. You’re simply wrong that this
    is “just a detox diet.” The oldest people in the world, the healthiest
    athletes, the most energetic people on the entire planet are raw foodists.
    You get more digestible protein from vegetables than you do from meat. The
    live active digestable enzymes within raw fruits and vegetables turn into
    protein. Take Dan McDonald or Markus Rothkranz who are very muscular and
    have been 100% raw foodists for years and years.

  7. @Avatar2050 There are vegans who are unhealthy, but this is generally
    because they’re still eating refined sugars, and there is nothing healthy
    about soy burgers, soy milk, and soy meatballs. That stuff is just as
    unhealthy as meat, if not as unhealthy as red steroid-filled meat.
    Generally unhealthy vegans have not done the research and just stop eating
    meat one day with very little real information. I have years of research
    and self-experimentation behind my own diet. Everyone should.

  8. @Avatar2050 I’m actually not doing any juicing — wish I was. Don’t have a
    juicier yet, but I’ve been raw for sick months. I get bloated on occasion,
    yes, but not nearly like I did before I went raw. I used to get bloated so
    often and so much that I was in agony for days and days before I went raw.
    From what I’ve read, the idea that type O’s need meat is a myth. There
    isn’t, from what I can tell, strong evidence to support it. In any case, we
    can all agree that processed food is the enemy.

  9. @Avatar2050 The need to protein is a myth made up by money hungry
    corporations. Look up the video “The Protein Myth”

  10. protein myth!! lol thats been debunked years ago, ! our dna is comprised of
    proteins we need protein, it comprises the building blocks of life !
    everything needs to be balanced – if you leave out one , you have an
    imbalanced diet. your body and mind becomes weak. and you believe things
    like we dont need protein!

  11. @Avatar2050 Idiotic. We do not need animal protein at all. I am a
    vegetarian and very strong. In fact I think if you are a nutritional
    advisor you are either blind to reality or closed minded to change. A good
    nutritional advisor realizes there are many lifetime vegetarians (hundus,
    7th day adventists et al) that are in peak health and understands the
    falacy of the protein myth. A good nutrionist knows how to advocate ALL
    diet types. You are either not a good nutritionist or not one at all.

  12. i dont suppose i will change you r mind you sound like one of those 7th day
    aventists.! my belief is that you need animal proteins to build healthy dna
    and muscle..ven type A;s need some animal proteins.. statistics prove
    vegetarians get sick and weaker in older age, they are often very
    imbalanced nutritionally. a life like this will catch up with you one way
    or another. it is not balanced, i advocate balance,.

  13. I like your message, but I feel like you need to work on getting to the
    point faster. It’s kind of painful watching your videos sometimes. Just a
    friendly suggestion :)

  14. i think if you checked your statistics on vegetarianism and spoke to people
    who were vegan or vegetarian you would come to the same conclusions. All
    the vegetarians i know are sick and they need some proteins to ground
    themselves. Juice detox is fine in the short term, but not as a total
    lifestyle choice.

  15. so how long should we expect the bloating to last…i wanted to eat more
    fruits but I had to forgo bc my stomach was just bulged out…. after a
    good nights sleep it goes down again but ahhh its a little weird

  16. I have been on a 100% raw diet for about 4 months. Feel great and am loving
    it. Read the book called 80-10-10 by Doug Graham. It will lay it all out
    for you…expecially the protein myth!

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