Karens Favorite Whole Food Supplements (1/2) Raw Vegan

Karen A. Di Gloria (author of Supernaturawl Newtrition) tells you about her favorite whole food supplements. Part 1.

Karen A. Di Gloria (born and raised north of Boston, MA) is considered by friends, family and peers to be the “eternal nurse.”Although she has left the field of conventional medicine behind her, Karen’s passion for helping others live a quality life has never shined brighter. Her years of experience as an oncology nurse and desire to achieve abundant health were the catalyst for a radical career change.
Karen currently owns and operates Rawk Star Cafe, a raw food cafe located in Palm Harbor, FL. She earned her Raw Nutrition Certification through Body Mind Institute, and is qualified to offer nutritional coaching to those ready for a lifestyle change.


One thought on “Karens Favorite Whole Food Supplements (1/2) Raw Vegan

  1. You asked for it! Customers and clients always want to know what I take…
    what’s in my kitchen… In this video I share some of my all time favorite
    whole food supplements, superfoods, superfruits and superherbs – many of
    which I take on a daily basis!

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