Mistakes on The Raw Food Diet [Part I: Not Eating Enough]

Not eating enough and being afraid to eat as much as you want.

Coming from calorie restricted diets and learning for as long as we can remember that “carbs make you fat” and that “food portions mattered” it’s going to be difficult to trust that we are actually able to eat has much as we want of high carb foods and sugary fruits without gaining weight and actually losing weight. Portions don’t matter when you’re eating the right foods (we actually encourage you to eat until you don’t want to anymore). To be successful you need to be getting at least 2500 calories if female and 3000 calories if male. To do this: Eat high calorie foods, like dates and bananas, make those your staple foods. You need to be getting this many calories because you are no longer getting calories from shitty foods that are high in fat and protein. Your bodies main source of fuel is carbohydrates so for it to be running smoothly you need to keep enough “gas in the tank”. One of the hardest things about not eating enough is you may start to crave the wrong kinds of foods, this happens because you have conditioned your body to eating calorically dense foods (often animal products) with lots of oils and fats. Your body needs time to adjust to eating the way it should be but you need to make sure you’re eating enough. Eventually, if you haven’t gotten enough calories in a day your body won’t be craving the wrong foods, you will be craving high carb foods such as pasta, rice, and potatoes (this is ok). In the beginning eating as many calories from fruits as you can throughout the day and then having a high carb, cooked vegan meal for dinner is what we recommend. If ever Cayley and I are under-carbed we resort to a high carb, cooked vegan meal. Cooked meals definitely don’t digest as well as fruit meals, however we believe it’s the best thing to fall back on.


*Cravings are a result of not getting enough calories*
* Your taste buds change every 10 days*
* Carbs don’t make you fat*
* The fat you eat is the fat you wear*

Stay tuned for part II – “Falling Off The Wagon”

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