My Raw Vegan Deficiencies & Supplements (Resolving Health Problems)

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In this video, I answer the frequently-asked questions of which deficiencies I have had, what supplements I take, and where we get our supplements & vitamins.

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16 thoughts on “My Raw Vegan Deficiencies & Supplements (Resolving Health Problems)

  1. Wow…. What did you eat to get all these deficiencies!? Only water?
    How can you get amino acid deficiency when they are everywhere? I thought
    we need very little protein…

  2. aaaaand what is ur d3 made of? i m currently taking 2500 IU D3 made of
    lichen. (but someone already said its not really vegan either….. they
    sell it as vegan though…. dunno) 

  3. how soon after taking D3 have ur levels been ok again? and how often (how
    many minutes) did u use the sunbed?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Tasha! I was just about to ask you to make an
    update video of all of the things you were taking. In the video links below
    that you have posted are the cofactors mentioned? Also, should bromine
    detox be under the care of an MD?(like iodine) One of the things that’s
    slowing me down concerning starting the counseling with Don Bennett is
    finding an MD that is “natural”.(for the lack of a better/correct term) :/

  5. Another question, do you take the supplement pill packet with your
    smoothie? Or does it need to be taken with a different meal?

  6. Wow..this scares me. How can the frutarian lifestyle be good for us with
    all that going on?

  7. Thanks for sharing Tasha! How is the progress with your hair, is it growing
    back thicker and stronger? What has your experience with it been like?

  8. If your family has to take D and vitamin B12 then it may be that you
    and your family are some how resistant to them. Im not trying to argue but
    is not a real balanced what keeps you from the need to Supplement .As a
    type 2 diabetic if i smell sugar my blood sugar jumps so i had to cut out a
    lot of fruits and pasta also breads you know the basic paleo diet.
    Now my blood sugar is now around 150 instead of 300 lower cholesterol
    and lower blood pressure as well I do juice a lot of apples and oranges as
    this is better than store bought crap but my health is better on a lean
    meat diet

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