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My Transition to Eating 100% RAW ♥ (Skin & Health Improvements!)

Hi everyone! This video was initially A LOT longer because I guess there’s just so much to say on this “new change” :) but I tried to keep all the topics short & sweet. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to talk more in depth about in a separate video! Also, feel free to share if you are currently on raw foods or if it’s something you would like to try one day.

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My Raw Vegan Pasta Sauce: http://youtu.be/n0fVGEFm5F8 – super good over raw / regular pasta, as a salad dressing, as a dip…


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Something I forgot to mention, is the topic about weight (I saw a few comments on this under my last video). Some people are worried about gaining / loosing weight on this type of diet. I think it really differs from person to person. I personally haven’t lost or gained any weight after one week of eating raw – but then again, my intention is not to have it affect my weight. I’m doing this to strengthen and detoxify my body. I will keep you updated on this in the next coming weeks.

Inspirational people / channels I follow:

Freelee The Banana Girl: http://www.youtube.com/user/Freelea/videos
Happy Healthy Vegan: http://www.youtube.com/user/HappyHealthyVegan
Bananiac: http://www.youtube.com/user/bananiac
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The Best Transformation: https://www.youtube.com/user/BestTransformation/videos

Eat more calories to loose weight

Books I recommend:
80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham
The China Study by Dr. T Colin Campbell
Whole by Dr. T Colin Campbell
The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Reversing Diabetes by Dr. Neal Barnard

Documentary mentioned: Forks Over Knives

Also check out: Food Inc, Earthlings, Food Matters

Learn more about Raw Till 4
How To: http://thebananagirl.com/videos/how-to-eat-raw-food-till-dinner-the-raw-till-4-program
Freelee The Banana Girl: http://www.youtube.com/user/Freelea/videos
30 Bananas A Day: http://www.30bananasaday.com/

Interested in going Vegan? Check out these links:
101 Reasons To Go Vegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4HJcq8qHAY
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Vegan Take0ver: http://instagram.com/vegantake0ver

My blogpost about High Carb Low Fat Vegan success: http://www.anniejaffrey.com/2014/05/high-carb-low-fat-lifestyle-success.html

Disclaimer: I am not a certified medical practitioner, and the information given is based on my own experiences and from the research I’ve done. If you have any serious conditions, always consult your doctor first :)

– DIY Scalp Massage for Healthy Hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9LpfBEkF7s
– DIY Detoxifying Face Mask: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r55N1WHgwb0
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21 thoughts on “My Transition to Eating 100% RAW ♥ (Skin & Health Improvements!)

  1. Ofcourse you live in a country with warm weather throughout the year, then
    it’s way easier to eat 100% raw. When it’s snowing or raining almost
    everyday you cannot survive on raw food only..

  2. I do think that, if done right, this lifestyle is amazing for the body :)
    but I personally have a different philosophy on life… I think life is too
    short, so I like to keep some of my indulgences. I believe the harm in
    having a pastry here and there is, really, negligible in the long run, and
    I don’t think I can ever stick to a lifestyle so restrictive. I wouldn’t
    feel happy because I’d feel deprived and “left-out”… and trust me, I have
    tried going more raw but it just didn’t work. That’s just me though. I’m
    glad it works for others! 

  3. Hey Annie thank you for the shout out. That was really sweet. You will help
    inspire many people with your beauty and your clarity. If I can help you
    with your health opportunity let me know. Facebook fan page is a good place
    to get a hold of me via private message. Keep growing into higher health
    and mental clarity. Peace and love.

  4. Hey Annie, if by any chance what you are referring to is PCOS, I feel as
    though many women would find it beneficial for you to discuss it. The issue
    can be very difficult emotionally because of the side effects (primarily
    appearance and fertility).

    Long story short, someone with a platform like yours could really help
    reach many women dealing with this difficult issue and provide
    healthy/natural alternatives traditional doctors generally ignore.

    Food for thought. 

  5. I’ve decided to start eating a 100% vegan diet next week. A lot have people
    haven’t been supportive of me though :( Did you get criticism from people?
    How did you deal with it? 

  6. To kyara Jones u obviously don’t know anything about the raw food
    lifestyle. If your eating raw your getting all ur supplements. If you eat
    processed food which is garbage then u need supplements. Stop being a hater

  7. This is a fantastic and inspiring video! Thank you for sharing your
    journey. I am going to show this to my 10-year-old daughter…

  8. I watched a video about how raw foods alone don’t make you happy. (Keep
    reading) he talks about having balance. You can be 100%/raw and healthy but
    be unhealthy and unhappy. You need to enjoy the food, go to the beach,
    laugh, play and live a good happy outgoing balanced lifestyle. He also
    talked about you can eat big macs all day and be happier not necessarily
    physically healthier but emotionally healthier if your enjoying all the
    above. So dear fellow rawese peeps make sure your living happy and your
    enjoying life and having a balance!

  9. Keith graves, BUT did God put animals on this earth so we could factory
    farm them??? If he wanted chickens to have enormous breasts wouldn’t he
    have made them that way AND given them the bone structure to support it. If
    he wanted them to be stuck in pens and be perpetually pregnant so we could
    steal their milk, would we have to constantly be ARTIFICIALLY inseminating
    them and stealing their babies? And etc etc etc etc 

  10. Hi Annie I have been debating this lifestyle for a while but I’ve read that
    people can go to the toilet up to 8 times a day eating all the fruit and
    natural products is that true? 

  11. wait so you eat raw meat? yuck! don’t do it you will get sick. you cook
    meat to kill bacteria. you idiot.

  12. I think you are so beautiful. I am also vegan and I am trying to eat raw as
    much as possible. Feeling awesome so far :)

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