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Think Organic presents a special short on Peruvian Organic Pecans by Essential Living Foods, INC. Tomas of Think Organic had the pleasure of exploring the farm and return with this fantastic video. Our team consisted of Tomas as the Field producer, editor and creator of motion graphics. Amir Magal,, shot the video and photo content. Our host and founder of Essential Living Foods. INC. Christopher Daugherty. Stefan Bederski, Co-host and owner of the Organic Pecan farm.

Organic Pecans (Carya illinoinensis wangenh) of the Stuart variety are grown in the Topará Valley, Chincha, located approximately 200 Km. South of Lima, Peru.

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The plantations are over 30 years old and have been skillfully managed by the Bederski family who practices only strict organic and environmentally sound farming methods. During the year 2000 the plantation was recognized with the “organic certification” administered by the Netherlands based SKAL organization. The Organic pecans are manually harvested, classified, and transported to an adjacent processing facility. Then the pecans are hand cleaned, cracked, and shelled under a rigorous quality control program. The pecans are carefully selected, vacuum packed and stored in refrigeration.

Organic Pecan PiecesThe production process includes the use of few machines; over 80 people from the surrounding villages are employed. ORGANIC certification is administrated by SKAL in Lima – Peru. Certification Contract # 017436 (IFOAM/JAS & USDA/NOP Approved), KOSHER certified for PARVE & PASSOVER by Abraham Benhamu, (Rabino Mayor Communidad Judia del Peru) Until Passover 5764, April 2004 . In addition the farm is in the process of becoming certified by EUREPGAP with the “Good Agricultural Practices Certification”.