Raw Feeding Cat with Organic Raw Food (Organic Meats/Bones with Supplements) Part 2 of 2b

Organic Raw Meats of approx. 40g chicken meat from whole chicken + 40g of organic red meat (rotating from lamb, pork, beef) + organ from whole chicken + approx. 20g to 30g of naked bone from the organic whole chicken.

Chicken meat and bones are divided into individual packets of approx. 40g meat and 20g to 30g bones, along with ONE other red meat (also approx. 40g) ie organic lamb/lamb rack, organic diced pork/tenderloin, organic beef (all parts except minced), wild kangeroo. 1 whole organic chicken will last Chewy about 5+ weeks.

Supplements: Soaked Organic Chia Seeds (best to soak for more than 48 hours, we always have a cup of soaked chia seeds in the fridge for the dogs and cat), Solaray Probiotics (1/3 capsule per day), Organic Raw Whole Food Vitamin C, Vit. B Complex (1/3 cap), vegan Glucosamine with curcumin (1/3 cap), Truganic Green Mush Powder, Organic Wheatgerm, home-made Organic Healthy Powder (consisting of nutritional yeast, lecithin granules, thorvin kelp meal, home-made eggshell powder), Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Krill Oil (only on Tues, Wed and Fri), Celtic Sea Salt (a teeny weeny pinch, forgot to include in vid), and approx. 100ml Diamond (mild alkaline) water.

Sometimes she eats faster (fastest would be 6 mins), sometimes slower (2 hours lol) with alot of cleaning/slacking/playing/SNOOZING episodes in between which explains the pauses in the vid.

She is fed once a day technically. She gets her organic raw wheatgrass (or any other organic veg she fancies to nibble on according to her mood) first prior to her organic meats hours later.

I think adding water to kitties’ food is the easiest way for them to drink up aside from a good water fountain. So how much should kitties drink? ”Normally, a cat will require 2-4 ounces of fresh water in addition to its food.” http://mypawpals.blogspot.sg/2012/04/water-for-health.html

6 thoughts on “Raw Feeding Cat with Organic Raw Food (Organic Meats/Bones with Supplements) Part 2 of 2b

  1. Why are u giving that poor animal soooooo much medicine it dosnt make any
    sense if I had a cat I’d feed it NORMAL cat food

  2. I mean that’s gross if I where that cat I’d just want yummy bacon raw meat
    that ur feeding it WITHOUT soo much stuff in it

  3. it makes a lot of sense… what they are giving there cat isn’t medicine
    its vitamins, they have included everything they need for their cat to be
    extremely healthy. normal cat food contains so much crap and fillers (like
    corn) that really it wouldn’t make any sense for you to feed it “normal”
    cat food. the cat obviously enjoys the food otherwise it wouldn’t eat it. I
    admire this person so much for putting in such a great effort to keep their
    cat healthy, so maybe you should educate yourself before calling their
    beautiful pet a “poor animal” which is obviously very healthy, with a
    beautiful coat as a result of a perfect diet, while any “poor animal”
    you care for will suffer from gum disease and organ strain from your
    wonderful and delicious “normal” cat food.

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