Raw Feeding Dogs with Organic Raw Food (Organic Raw Blended Veg with Added Supplements) Part 3 of 6

A blend of assorted and colorful organic veg for phyto-nutrients.. Small portions of each veg (refer to Vid 2 for pix of veg) for variety and optimal nutrition. Choose organic because their nutrients and minerals surpass conventional-grown ones.

To blend the veg, first, put watery veg first like lettuce, cucumber, (red) bell pepper, celery, carrots etc so that you don’t have to add any water at all. Only add water/coconut water like in Part 2 of the vid if you’re feeding immediately. If you’re refrigerating/freezing them, best to not add any water. The watery veg will produce enough water for the base… then carry on adding others like purple cabbage, etc (refer below to entire list of veg that I use) once the base is watery enough.

Some raw-feeding school of thoughts insist that dogs have no need for veg. But I’ve never came across any holistic vets who says dogs have no need for veg. All living beings require phyto-nutrients to thrive. And phyto-nutrients are only present in veg and fruits. Carnivores in the wild gnaw on grass whenever they feel unwell, some eating berries in times of food-shortage, and not to mention carnivores consume herbivores whose lives are sustained by plants. And that, is the gift of life from plants to all living beings.

Our cells are being replaced and thrive on the type of nutrients we consume. And with raw phyto-nutrients, immunity is boosted and prevents cells from developing into malignant cancer growths. You will never hear cancer being eliminated via meats. In fact, many ppl have turned to holistic cure with NO drugs, surgeries and chemotherapy, only by going raw-vegan with phyto-nutrients to not only prevent, but CURE cancers and reverse heart diseases and MANY other diseases like Type 2 Diabetes etc.

refer to: http://doctordeva.com/cancer-treatment-prevention-in-dogs-cats-series/

All-Organic Ingredients in Veg Blend, over 12 to 15 different veg in a 1.5L blend:

Kailan aka chinese kale (for calcium), 1 whole Red Bell Pepper (for capsaicin, vitamin C and E, phytochemicals and carotenoids, particularly beta-carotene), Lettuce, Purple Cabbage, Carrots (for beta-carotene), Dou Miao, Asparagus (for kidneys cleanse), Nai Bai, Broccoli (anti-cancer), Alfalfa Sprouts (prevent build-up of carcinogen), Celery (for bones), Xiao Bai Cai, Wolfberries (for eyes), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (natural preservative), Cucumber, Beet Root (high antioxident), Garlic.

Added Daily Supplements (organic and vegan):

Celtic Sea Salt (a tiny pinch of a few grains), organic whole-food grade (from Garden of Life) Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, organic Vegan Glucosamine with Curcumin (from Garden of Life), Probiotic (Solaray Brand), organic Turmeric, Truganic Green Mush, organic home-made Healthy Powder (consisting of nutritional yeast, lecithin granulas, thorvin kelp meal and eggshell powder), organic wheatgerm, extra virgin coconut oil.

Learn to differentiate between synthetic vitamins and whole-food vitamins:

http://www.doctorsresearch.com/articles4.html (must-read)

Refer to Part 2 of video for organic veg smoothie with coconut water.

all our organic foods: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.173198692719457.32066.110620758977251&type=3