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  1. That’s the funny part, I actually went to school to learn about the body
    (and not art school) and I know from that that eating nothing but raw food
    is less than optimal for our digestion and nutrition.

  2. People talk about these people as being strange??
    How particularly strange is it to kill a baby lamb – a baby cow (disguised
    with the name veal) – gas baby chickens – steal the eggs (hen periods) of
    chickens – rape cows by the millions and billions per year to impregnate
    them – then steal their baby at the moment of birth – steal their milk so
    we can continue to be the only mammals who continue to drink milk after we
    are weaned, eat the corpses of dead animals and ‘think?’ these people are
    strange?? PLEASE.
    People say I couldn’t give up cheese. That is because cheese has a drug in
    it called casein that is in there so that a baby cow will want to nurse
    from its mother. Instead – genius humans who ‘just don’t give a damn’ steal
    from these babies. Similar to taking candy from a baby – but in this
    case… well — brilliant people – figure out what you are – who you are
    and maybe take a look at other possibilities than continuing to be a brutal
    person with no heart and soul. Could anyone with a heart be part of this
    system of animal brutality? Get informed. Read ‘The World Peace Diet’ by
    Will Tuttle – watch Cowspiracy and discover that not only are meat and
    dairy eaters disconnected from ‘self’ (have to be in order to be part of
    allowing these horrors to animals to continue) but by eating meat and
    dairy carnists are the CAUSE of 1 acre of rainforest being cut down EVERY
    SECOND – so there can be food for cows they put in the rainforest OR so
    the cows can be put there so people who are only thinking about themselves
    and their tastebuds can continue to partake in this barbaric system of
    animal torture and abuse. Someone else is doing your dirty work for you
    (the rape, the kidnap of babies and the slaughter) but you are still
    responsible and you guys think the people on this film are strange???
    Rainforest – lungs of the planet. Rainforest – gone in 10 years — think
    about how strange that will be- if you can still breathe to ‘think’ !??

  3. I’m probably about 60% raw and I can definitely say that on days where i
    just happen to have all raw consecutively, i definitely feel more
    energetic… i’d go all raw completely but brown rice and soups are my

  4. I like how at 39:50 he gives no reason at all how meat contributes to
    diabetes, after having given a reasonable explanation for the real villain,
    refined sugar.

  5. i dont understand why the host has to act like a jehovas witness just plain
    weird 😀 i was like dude be natural damn it!

  6. How do you know what animals feel.? Humans are omnivores, not eaters of
    carrion.. Processed foods are a bigger problem than cooked.. Grown your own
    meat and veggies and know what’s in them.. Forage, stay away from mass
    produced foods of all kinds.. Four meals a day.? That’s not natural..
    overeating is promoted by eating scheduled meals..Eat when you are hungry,
    not when you are told you should eat..

  7. Telling people you can cure type one diabetes from raw food is dangerous.
    It is an autoimmune disease that does not yet have a cure – type two,
    that’s a different story as it IS controlled by diet.
    Sorry, just annoys me as I am a type one diabetic and to spout inaccurate
    information about it is just worrying – if I stopped injecting myself with
    insulin I would die. :(
    I love raw, it’s great – just scares me that someone could that this too
    much to heart and get very ill by stopping taking their insulin.

  8. If it’s raw, is it organic? Like true organics, many consider organics to
    be not organic if the food travels more than 500 miles. Is a food
    considered “RAW”, and still organic… if it is prepared using
    “electricity and/or petroleum products” such as in blending , bagging ,
    distributing and/or juicing foods? 

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