20 thoughts on “RAW FOOD ON A BUDGET

  1. I spend $100.00/week on food. I am a gluten-free vegan. I am transitioning
    into a raw diet, and trying to cut my grocery bill in half! There are a TON
    of farms near where I live, and at least 4 weekly farmers markets. I only
    ever buy organic, but I plan on talking to the farmers where I live and
    seeing if they are organic, but just don’t have certification. Thanks for
    your tips!

  2. Sure! You are so lucky! Having so many farms and farmers markets around is
    a dream come true for a vegan/raw fooder. And yes, there is a good chance
    it may be organic. Talk to them and find out. Good luck and let me know how
    it goes. A big hug! :)

  3. I am sure that most of them sell non-GMO products, as they don’t have a
    huge population to feed, and they might be organic even though they aren’t
    certified. I will just need to ask around! xo

  4. Really? Tha’s odd. As a general rule, farmers markets are always less
    expensive because there are no packaging costs, or extra taxes that are
    added once commercialised etc.

  5. Per week: well I just went grocery shopping tonight, and I spent 100.00.
    That’s enough for three people for three days, ill go again and spend 1/2
    to that same amount. So all together 200.00 a week for three people, is
    about 60.00-70.00 per person per week. (Until gardening season in which it
    will be free free free!!! Haha so thankful for my HUGE garden space.)

  6. I usually spend $100 a week- $30 for a box of organic bananas ($21 for non
    organic), $27 for five pounds of dates, $12 for greens, couple bags of
    oranges for about $8 and $23 for lemons, green onions, some veggies and for
    weeks when I want coconut sugar or raw carob or bottles of juice, I go up
    to $125. Usually I am good with that but the last 2 months have been tight
    financially, so I’ve been getting by on $60 or so. I really look forward to
    getting back to normal!

  7. Actually that is the biggest issue for me, I Am a student and the most I
    can spend. Is 40 euros and sometimes 20 per week! Last time I went raw I
    was just starving! I live in a cold climate! I really want to but I can’t!
    I just don’t know what to do. If I eat raw I need 20 euros per day… I
    just don’t know….

  8. For those of you who are starting a raw food diet, i would highly recommend
    doing the raw till 4 diet, namely you eat raw fruits and veggies till 4,
    and after 4 (dinner time) you eat cooked veggies and/or carbs. An example
    would be: An entire watermelon for breakfast, dates if you need a snack
    between bk and lunch, 6 banana smoothie with dates and coconut water for
    lunch, and for dinner a BIG bowl of pasta, or like 6 potatoes (organic),
    with a side salad. It’s cheap, healthy, and more convenient.

  9. This is the first ‘raw food on a budget’ video I’ve watched that isn’t
    complete bullshit. Most of them are made by priviledged white americans
    with no clue about what being on a budget actually means. Very helpful,
    thank you!

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