Raw Food Update! ♥ (Skincare, What I Eat, Criticism, Staying Motivated…) | Annie Jaffrey

Hi beautiful! Thanks for watching :) Thumbs up if you found this interesting! ♥ This may go without saying, but I truly believe beauty starts from within. Through the consumption of healthy food, regular exercise, good quality sleep, sunshine and love – we can help strengthen our body so it can be good to us. We’ll have less need for exorbitant amount of products to “fix” our problems, and can spend our time and money on things which bring us true happiness, fun experiences etc. Of course, a little makeup doesn’t hurt! But let’s never forget what our body needs to be healthy first. That’s my theory anyway :) I hope you will find this video helpful and informative!

Topics discussed in this video:
– What I eat in a day / food inspiration
– Skin breakouts, the detox phase & loosing my “glow”?
– New skincare products
– How long will I remain raw?
– Plant-based diet / Raw Till 4
– Eating raw in social settings
– How to deal with unsupportive family
– Weight gain / weight loss on raw foods
– Staying motivated

Topics discussed in last update video:
– Proper food combining (to avoid bloating)
– High fat vs low fat raw vegan
– Emotional eating
– Sugar & weight gain
– The detox phase
– Developing a positive relationship with yourself
– Pregnancy & raising children
– Do I feel hungry or nutritionally deprived?

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“What I Ate Today” blogpost: http://www.anniejaffrey.com/2014/04/what-i-ate-today-raw-pizza.html

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Books I recommend:
80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham
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Documentary mentioned: Forks Over Knives

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13 thoughts on “Raw Food Update! ♥ (Skincare, What I Eat, Criticism, Staying Motivated…) | Annie Jaffrey

  1. Thanks for sharing, Annie. You are looking great!

    I’m not sure I understand the criticism from people; she’s not forcing this
    lifestyle on anyone, she’s simply sharing her journey for anyone who might
    be interested in taking this path. I would gear the criticism toward people
    who eat things like fast food… Look up ‘factory farming’, now THAT
    deserves a great deal of criticism. 

  2. I can understand why some people choose the vegan diet but I don’t
    understand why you need to be raw. Our ancestors have used fire for over 3
    million years, food like spinach for example have higher iron content when
    cooked. Eating raw is not scientifically or biologically any better for

  3. I understand this is your channel and you can obviously post whatever you
    like. But I believe you were so popular because of your fun and education
    beauty videos. It’s a shame that this channel has only become about your
    raw lifestyle. While I understand it is important to post content that you
    are passionate about but it is also important to listen to your audience
    for what they would like to see. If your channel is only going to be about
    living a raw, vegan and natural lifestyle I then think you should inform
    your audience, so everyone can stop asking for general beauty related
    videos. I for one MISS your old style videos.

    Good luck with your new journey :) 

  4. When I subscribed it was a beauty channel…today Annie became obsessed
    with healthy food and post only these kind of videos :/ This is her choice
    but the main goal was makeup and all that stuff. I see that she has a lot
    of criticism. In my opinion you don’t have to be motivated to eat everyday.
    Food is not a challenge, it must be a pleasure…If she really think that
    all her meals are “so delicious” why is she talking about motivation? I
    don’t know if my explanations are clear but this is what I have to say
    about it. 

  5. Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you,then they ridicule you, then
    they fight you, then they understand you, then they join you, and then you

  6. Wow you are such a natural beauty! O_O No one can deny this lifestyle is
    working wonders for you. Lost your glow?! Noooooooo way. Thanks so much for
    the shout out sista! 

  7. I love that you address the criticism in a positive way without giving it
    any power. The better we feel in our bodies the less we give a darn what
    the negative people say! The proof is in your health and beauty and

  8. Something I notice about you is that your scleras are… SO white. Mine are
    just dull, grayish-yellow and I really want them like your’s. They’re

    This is definitely working for you.

  9. thx. i am experiencing the same detox experiences now. its ok like you say
    too. raising the personal energy is worth it.

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