Raw Foods diet for Diabetes | Reversing Diabetes ( Anthony Robbins, Morgan Spurlock )

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featured Anthony Robbins, David Wolfe, and Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me Film

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here a short list of those raw foods that lower blood sugar and finally cure your diabetes. All diabetes must have the proper information about the raw foods that can lower down the blood glucose level and can help in reversing Diabetes. If you want to grab this information in the coming minutes then read through the following passages. The diabetes patients are right to think that diabetics do not have a choice for planning the delicious meals but the fact is there are many delicious foods that can help the diabetics in reversing their disease.

French Beans: also called kidney beans. they are full of dietary fiber and healthy proteins. They also contain a small quantity of complex carbohydrates.

Brussels Sprout: consumed daily it work like wonders for treating diabetes.works by activating the insulin production thus lowering down the glucose blood level.

Bean Decoction: by boiling fresh beans (around 50 gm) in around 4 litres of filtered water for 3 hours on a slow heat. this mixture has to be prepared daily otherwise it may lose its medicinal value.

Lettuce: recommended by American Diabetes Association. The association has declared that raw foods which have a lower cholesterol level are helpful for reversing the diabetes patients.Lettuce only contains 3 % carbohydrates and it has a low level of cholesterol.

Tomatoes: for those diabetics who have caught this illness because of being overweight. The tomatoes not only have a low content of carbohydrates but at the same time tomatoes also help to control the level of sugar in urine.

Soya Bean: The nutritional content of soya bean puts a strict check on the blood glucose levels. It also helps in regulating the urine level of diabetics. Soya bean has low carbohydrates but it is rich in proteins.

raw Onion: are good for reversing the diabetes. It lowers down the level of blood glucose.

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featured Anthony Robbins, David Wolfe, and Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me Film