Raw Vegan Food & Supplements could HELP me & how I a affected (ignore the other info in this video)

Hi, please watch & read as I am asking anyone to help me get or make me raw vegan meals & 3 or 4 supplements. I don’t need the expensive help from wonderful Dr. Schandel now as I mention in the video. Anyone can help me by sending gift cards to me if you would like to help.If you help me by doing a fundraiser for the raw vegan nut-free meals and supplements, I would be grateful to you because I can not accept donations for myself since I am on a fixed income. Otherwise, I need a caregiver or helper volunteer to make raw vegan meals were helping me a LOT when I had them for 3 weeks recently! Almost all the pain in my body went away and I also gained some weight! That is a miracle for me considering how MD has affected me! I do not want to die & I have never had a good life yet. Please consider helping me or give me enough money to live off of until I get better & also get the nutritional help and diet help I need to put on weight and gain muscles so I can have a healthy body weight, possibly be able to walk again & get married too. No one wants to be with me because I only weigh 62 pounds now & that makes me look disgusting, not attractive & not someone a guy would want to marry! Please listen to my videos to hear a little more about me & share them w/the world; Facebook, Twitter & everywhere & email it to anyone that may be able to help me please because I do not know how much longer I have to live…I want to live & not die! Please help me. Blessings! Having a helper come in every day or every other day to grind up my supplements & cook for me so I can gain weight n put on muscle, is another need I have so plz pray God will send such a person(s).

When you fast and pray, you should do it in secret not letting anyone know about it except God. Reading the Bible while you fast and pray is important too. Just a couple tips if ya did not know already for anyone who may decide to fast and pray for me to be healed of FSH muscular dystrophy, scoliosis and eye problems and my eye sight also!! And, I want to get married, so if you fast and pray for me, please also ask Jesus to give me a Godly Christian husband too asap. Thanks and love, Angela :)