RAW VEGAN: Supplements…Do You Need Them

Not the most exciting video, but an important one. The Raw Food Movement is filled with people selling all sorts of pills, potions, and powders. Do you really need them? The answer depends on your situation. Are you sick, deficient, or not getting enough calories from quality raw fruits and vegetables? Do you live in an area with harsh winters? All these factors come into play when deciding on whether or not a supplement program is right for you. However, it is important to remember that a supplement is just that…a SUPPLEMENT to you existing plan, not a replacement. Supplements may help you correct deficiencies (if you have them), or heal from a chronic disease. But they WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT put you in line with your interplanetary, hyperdimensional, interpersonal, higher consciousness. Don’t be fooled by people pushing ideology as law.