Reverse Diabetes Eating FullyRaw! Join me as I interview one of my best friends Robby as we talk about reversing diabetes eating a plant-based raw vegan diet. It’s diabetes awareness month. Let’s celebrate health!

Robby and I both got into this healthy lifestyle because we both had blood sugar issues, and we became good friends. I was able to reverse my hyperglycemia eating FullyRaw because it was more of a lifestyle disease, the onset of type 2 diabetes. Robby is a type 1 diabetic who is sharing his journey eating at

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  1. I’ve never considered your nutritional advice to be anything close to good
    or scientifically sound, but this is a new low. Your advice on fat is
    based in bad science, but this passes unfounded and moves on to dangerous.
    No amount of “passion” for eating FullyRaw can justify recommending Type 2
    Diabetics eat a diet that high in carbs and sugar. Shame on you, Kristina.

  2. Can you PLEASE specify Type 2 Diabetes? Type 1 Diabetes CANNOT be
    reversed.Even Robby acknowledged that he still takes insulin.

  3. To all the people here who don’t use their brain, if sugar caused diabetes
    like from fruit, vegetables, etc. Kristina should be a full blown diabetic.
    And despite the fact she REVERSED her type 2 eating this way. How about
    educating yourselves first. Dr. Neal Barnard wrote a book on reversing
    diabetes with a plantbased diet and many people have reversed theirs eating
    this way. Carbs from plant foods don’t give you diabetes Lmao. 

  4. To all of the people saying that a high carb low fat diet is bad for
    diabetes, um look at Kristina and the many other people who have reversed
    it or improved their symptoms. It CLEARLY works for some people. There is
    proof right in front of your eyes.

  5. I like you, Kristina, but I really don’t like the way you have approached
    this topic. It’s very exploitative, and you’re getting people’s hopes up.
    One of the problems with diabetes is all of the experts trying to bombard
    patients with information and say “All you have to do is such-and-such,” as
    if it’s the simplest thing in the world. So, I don’t like the way you’ve
    expressed this, but I do like raw food, so after doing more research, I
    just might try this.

  6. lol, the wave at the end. i don’t have diabetes yet, but i am 26 and very
    unhealthy and obese so i know it’s coming and it terrifies me. change is

  7. I thought this video was awesome. You’re right, first step is to get
    educated! Society has us all brainwashed to think that all carbs are so
    bad. I used to think the same until I started reading and watching
    documentaries. Anyone who has diabetes should talk to their doctor or a
    dietician about this lifestyle after doing some research so they can mentor
    and slowly help get them off their medication! I will definitely be
    subscribing to Robby after seeing this! Thanks Robby and Kristina! :)

  8. You are both so gorgeous. Kristina the light eye makeup makes you look like
    an angel! You are always beautiful but I love the pale/angelic look on you.
    Lots of hugs and great video!

  9. Reverse Diabetes Eating FullyRaw! Join me as I interview one of my best
    friends Robby as we talk about reversing diabetes eating a plant-based raw
    vegan diet. I have been able to reverse my hyperglycemia, and Robby has
    been able to decrease his insulin being a type 1 and has seen significant
    results. It’s diabetes awareness month. Let’s celebrate health! REVERSE

  10. Type 2 CAN be reversed. I am a living testimony. Type 1 is much more
    difficult, but Robby is seeing incredible results. Eating fruits and
    vegetables in their most natural form is said to be the BEST form of
    medicine, and many have seen results reversing their type 2 diabetes and
    more. Rather than focus on hate here, let’s see more positivity please. I
    know this is a controversial topic, but we are raising awareness about a
    lifestyle that works. This is a great video, please show your support!

  11. ¡HA-HA! for those who think that CANNOT be reversed with Fully Raw lfstyle,
    try to cure it with hamburgers , greek yogurt, “low fat” cheese, diet coke
    and no fruits… duh!

  12. Thank you both for this video! Robby, thanks for the inspiration, as
    always. I’m a Type 1 diab on an insulin pump, diagnosed in 1976. Since
    going LFRV(with some falling off the wagon since I started), my carb ratio
    continues to get better(I can’t remember what I told you the last time I
    wrote, maybe 1:20?).It’s now at 1:35!! I’ve reduced my insulin quite a bit
    as I began a yr ago at 1:10. My last a1c was 5.81. My averages are
    amazing. My MD and ND are so happy for me, even my heart murmur
    disappeared. On my FB pg I posted a long update about the healing that’s
    tkn place since going raw(blood work and other things). Blood sugars, are
    only one factor that’s improved. You and Tasha have blessed my life so
    much, spurring me on. So, thank you again! 

  13. For those who are showing your support with positive comments, I want to
    say THANK YOU! They are very much appreciated! :) 

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