The Amazing Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

This short video is about the healing benefits of Fruit and vegetables and a raw food diet in general. It starts with a quick introduction about our human body to explain the importance of fruit and vegetables. It then continues by looking at different fruit and vegetables and explaining their benefit, i.e. cruciferous vegetables, root vegetables, stalk vegetables and ripe fruit. This video is beautifully shot and contains tons of pictures to help explain each point very effectively. Please hit LIKE and subscribe if you enjoy the video.🍀

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Ekart Tolle: “A New Earth” & “The Power of Now”

Titles: “The China Study”

God’s Way to Ultimate Health”

How to Make Friends and Influence People!

“Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus”

“Raw Food for Dummies”

My Book :-) “Eat for Beauty” – Won’t probably change your life but has great recipe tips

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Camera: Canon T5i or in Europe called Cannon 750D
Editor: Window Life Media Player
My Age: 31 as we speak
My Background: Mixed (Italian -mum, Nigeria – Dad, Born – Germany)
Started YouTube: June 2014

Things that help me stay GROUNDED and HAPPY
1) Exercise and Stretching (Yoga, dance, jogging)
2) Healthy Relationships (The key is to treat others the way you want to be treated))
3) Clean Eating (I love plant based foods) they contain fibre to clean the colon, they are not fattening and they don’t produce too much acidity (toxicity) in your body
4) Connecting with my higher spiritual self (call it God, Nature, Universe, Mother, Father) It’s all around us, it’s in us

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  1. Thank you Luv4rmtej!!!!! I am working on the next one already titled “why
    you should eat your fruits and Juice your Vegies” Hope you will enjoy that
    one too. Take care

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