The FullyRaw B12 Basics: Are You Efficient?

Have you always wondered if you should be supplementing with Vitamin B12? Taking B12 is one of the most controversial topics in regards to supplementation. Do I supplement? What do I recommend? Here is what I have to say!

One of the biggest topics in the raw world is the B12 debate.
I get asked DAILY about my opinion on B12 supplements and if I take B12.
B12 is an important issue for all health enthusiasts, whether they are vegan or not.

The purpose of making the video is to answer peoples questions about my b12 history and what I suggest for others, based on the knowledge I have and advice I have received from trusted health professionals. There is a lot of information out there about B12 for vegans and non vegans. I am not claiming to have read through all the material and I am not claiming to be an expert on the topic.

First, let’s go over some B12 basics to help you understand the topic.

Anyone can be B12 deficient, regardless of diet.
Even meat eaters are deficient.
What is B12?
There are many different B Vitamins. B12 is a vitamin found in soil.
B12 is typically found in few foods, meat being one of them because animals eat the plants/soil and it is carried in their products. B12 is not typically found in conventional produce, but it can be found in organic, wild fruits and vegetables grown in rich soils. B12 is also a flora produced in your colon: you either produce it or you don’t.

Do I take it?
Am I deficient?
I get checked once every 6 months or about 1-2 times a year, and I am currently NOT deficient in B12. Because I am not deficient, I currently choose not to supplement as per recommendation of Dr. Graham because I do not want to inhibit my body’s ability to produce this vitamin on its own. In the past 8 years, I have tried it 3 times. It’s the only supplement I’ve ever taken. All other supplements I do not believe in taking and am not deficient in these. I do believe that if you have to supplement, then your diet is incomplete.

My advice: Get CHECKED!

No scare here! Takes YEARS of not consuming any B12 to become deficient!
Most likely it is something that comes around OVER time. Even when people get an injection, they don’t FEEL results immediately. Most notice better sleep and a better mood and perhaps weight loss? What are the symptoms? Dementia, light-headedness, Psychological disorders, extreme sleepiness.

When you take a supplement, it can stay in your system for up to a year.

Many different sources:
Methylcobalamin* – Take this kind if you do supplement.
Cobalamin – this form is not absorbed by our bodies. Do not take this one.

In summary, I think it is important to get your B12 levels checked and make an informed decision based on the results. There is no need to supplement if you’re not deficient, as that may cause more harm than good. This is not just a vegan thing: otherwise, this deficiency would JUST BE IN VEGANS. Anyone can be B12 deficient. Get checked!

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9 thoughts on “The FullyRaw B12 Basics: Are You Efficient?

  1. I went vegan for a few months and after a few months I had a b12
    deficiency- so it can happen in less than a year if youre not careful.
    Other symptoms, besides what Krisitna said, also include mouth sores, joint
    pain, stomach pain, and vertigo. Be careful everyone!

  2. +FullyRawKristina Thanks Kristina. Whats scary is that I have most of those
    symptoms. I’m not sure if they are related to another condition, but a b12
    deficiency makes sense. I can tell my memory loss and brain fog is getting
    worse! I’ve actually read it can lead to alzheimer’s if untreated. But I
    still have time right? I can still reverse it? 

  3. This video makes the most sense,I’ve heard on the subject……I always
    wonderd why a vitamin like B-12,,a bi-product vitamin at that,,that came
    from such low vibe sources was deemed to be worshiped like it is,,in med
    tests etc….I would really like to dig up the history on this and who
    started the hysteria,,,,sometimes I think it had something to do with
    someones piggy bank??

  4. I had a blood test that said I had low hemogoblin levels. Didn’t think much
    about it. And I am vegan. On and off for 4 years. But ever since last year
    I have stayed at least vegetarian. With very little dairy. I only ate dairy
    if I was forced or something. So until today… it was getting really hard
    to breathe. SO b12 is very important. I’m not fully raw though. 

  5. I had a normal b12, but was iron deficiency. I didn’t know anemia runs in
    our family, and I was lax in making sure I got sufficient amounts. What
    besides leafy greens and supplements would give me enough iron? I know
    there’s kidney beans.

  6. I like this topic, it is very useful for thouse who start different
    lifestyle and are afraid of this. You said everything so good, I mean even
    if you eat meat you can be vita B12 deficient, so it is not good when
    everyone say that it is related just with the fact, that you dont eat meat
    (so vegetarian has to have this problem also).

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