Top Raw Food Tips For Eating Nuts & Seeds

Find out about nuts and seeds on a raw food diet. How to find the healthiest sources. How much to eat and much more!

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18 thoughts on “Top Raw Food Tips For Eating Nuts & Seeds

  1. Hi, thanks for your info! What do you think about peanut butter, which
    people often say is not fattening in moderate amounts?

  2. We do not see peanuts/peanut butter as being part of a healthy diet for a
    number of reasons. Many people do not realise that it is not a nut in fact
    but a legume. Also the issue with aflatoxins caused by a fungus, which
    peanuts are susceptible to is a good reason in itself to avoid them.

  3. Having avocado as part of a low fat, raw vegan diet and averaging 10% or
    less of total calories (80/10/10) from fat is fine and healthy for you!

  4. Thank you. Best explanation of how to and why not to consume so many nuts
    ever. Now maybe I will see some weight loss on this diet.

  5. thanks for the response! what about avocados or durians? Do you eat them
    hardly ever as well? thanks again

  6. Is eating seeds ounce or twice a week enough for a female to maintain
    hormonal balance? Nuts irritate my skin and I’m not sure about avocados
    because I have never had them. Thanks so much’

  7. Are you better with seeds? Personally, I don’t eat many nuts at all,
    however I have no issues with digesting small quantities of them on
    occasion. Some people do better with seeds than nuts.

  8. I can’t seem to digest them at all unless I make a milk out of them in my
    blender. That’s why I was considering avocados, but there not balanced well
    in the omega 3 to 6 ratio

  9. I am totally fine to fruits and veggies now. I dont feel that craving for
    food. My message to everyone is to be patient. your body is a great teacher
    and will learn and be flexible. Just be patient. you will find your way

  10. you should try flax seeds oil. it is even better than avocados. it is
    recommended on gerson. it has omega and nice female hormones! i dont like
    its taste but just thinking how good it is i m happy with it.

  11. Oils are not healthy due to the fact they are processed and a fractional
    nutrient (100% fat). Better instead to eat the flax seeds instead of the
    oil, which is a food in its ‘whole form’.

  12. darling i dont know. i follow gerson therapy recommendation that suggests
    only flex seeds oil & not flax seeds

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