Warning: Iodine Supplementation (Deficiency, Thyroid Issues)

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Iodine is a chemical element that the human body needs to be healthy.

The thyroid gland requires iodine to make thyroid hormones which control the body’s metabolism as well as other important functions.

During pregnancy and infancy the body needs thyroid hormones for proper bone and brain development.

Having sufficient Iodine levels is important, especially for infants and women who are pregnant.

The US RDA for iodine is:

• 150 micrograms (mcg) per day for adult men and women
• 220 mcg for pregnant women
• 290 mcg for lactating/breastfeeding women

In this video we talk about why you should be cautious about supplementing with high doses of iodine and share our story of Iodine supplementation and the issues we faced.


1. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that study participants taking relatively higher doses of supplemental iodine — 400 mcg a day and more began developing subclinical hypothyroidism.


2. American Thyroid Association (ATA) Issues Statement On The Potential Risks Of Excess Iodine Ingestion And Exposure


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