What a FullyRaw Vegan Eats in a Day (Winter Edition)

What does a FullyRaw Vegan Eat in Winter? People are always asking me what I eat in a day and what I eat in Winter. Here’s a quick video that shows you the delicious delights of my day! http://youtu.be/q2yV1Kgcmg4

Please stay tuned for my next video on FullyRaw Tips to Stay Warm in Winter! Hugs!
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16 thoughts on “What a FullyRaw Vegan Eats in a Day (Winter Edition)

  1. My girlfriend and me are committed vegans, however over the past few months
    my girlfriend has been secretly been putting bacon chips into our dishes.
    They were too small to be noticable. However it all made sense after i
    noticed that after months of a kind of smokey pork flavor to her dishes, I
    found a box of bacon chips hidden in the cupboard. Since her little stunt
    started I really like her cooking. My question is: should I dump my
    girlfriend, or become a meat eater?

  2. There is a lot of research that goes into vegan rats and how they die
    early. I’m not saying we’re rats but they are generally a good indicator of
    what’s going on. Also raw vegans don’t live as long as say a vegetarian or
    a pisco. However if this diet suits you, go nuts! (pun intended)

  3. To all the people doubting this diet, I eat raw almost 7 days a week and my
    blood sugar, blood pressure, blood work, and my health are the best that
    they have been my whole life. Obviously if you can’t tell by how glowing
    and healthy she looks compared to a majority of Americans, then maybe you
    have an issue putting 2 and 2 together. 

  4. I am vegan. I am not as b12 deprived to ever think that I could go raw
    though. I could not live without my green smoothies, coconut yogurt, rice,
    tofu, and Chinese noodle stirfry. How does she do it???

  5. real people with real jobs dont have time to eat at least 6 course a day.
    let alone to make all those juices/smoothies

  6. Can anyone tell me where I can find some huge wooden salad bowels like the
    ones in this video? 2:40

  7. I did the fullyraw 21day challenge and instead of one meal raw I had all my
    meals raw. There was an occasional meal in the week that wasn’t raw but for
    the most part I stuck to it. I still continue to eat this way because I
    have noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels and my skin has never
    looked better. My iron levels are increasing and I don’t feel the need to
    nap throughout the day for 3-4 hours. I love running but haven’t done so in
    years due to a knee injury… I’m slowly getting back into it but for the
    most part I don’t workout. I haven’t gained weight eating like Kristina
    does. In fact, I have lost weight!! I did alot of research and watched alot
    of informative videos on Netflix. This was the best decision I made for
    myself and although some people doubt it, I know I’ve never felt as good as
    I do now. 

  8. what?!
    how can all of that possibly fit inside of your stomach or do you take
    hours for your meals?
    and how is this possibly ecologically sustainable? Think of all the energy
    required to produce this food for even one day for one person… if we all
    ate like this, the whole earth would have to be a farmland to produce this
    much! we would cut down all the forests. Not to mention, many of us here in
    the northern hemisphere cannot grow fresh veg and fruit in winter.

  9. I really liked your vid. But my concern is, the omega 3 fatty acids, do you
    use like supplements for this?

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