What a Raw Vegan Eats in a Day!

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14 thoughts on “What a Raw Vegan Eats in a Day!

  1. You’re SO cute! and seriously this is my favorite RAW channel, so
    encouraging, and simple :) God bless you lady!

  2. I’m raw till 4. I eat fruit in the morning/afternoon and a cooked vegan
    meal in the evening and it works for me. I tried fully raw and I hated it!!
    It’s a HUGE step to take and commitment day in day out.
    My main focus is being vegan, that’s hard enough! Also, take a
    multi-vitamin just in case you fall short of B12, iron etc. (common sense)

  3. Interesting, but it’s such an expensive lifestyle. You need such a large
    quantity to fill you up, and fresh fruit isn’t cheap. 

  4. Coming from a fellow vegan, why are you not consuming your healthy nuts as
    well? You are missing out on your omega three’s…I will admit that I am
    not raw (my body cannot handle it) and eat my junk food quinoa and fake
    meat burgers amost once a week, but how do you handle eating only fruits
    and veggies?

  5. For those in doubt, look up vegan bodybuilders on youtube, huge strong men
    . There are slso marathoners .

  6. Hey thanks for the vid! Just wanted to know if u dot get hunry round 11h
    after the watermelon? It doesnt seem to fil me up for long. ?

  7. I don’t think she is trying to copy fullyrawchristina. If that might be
    true. what is wrong with trying to be like fullyrawchristina they are
    both awesome. There is no one right diet. 

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