Why I No Longer Eat 3000 Calories Of Raw Food | 40BelowFruity

Once upon a time I adhered to a dogma of eating 3000 raw food calories per day. Now I no longer do…Find out why…

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23 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Eat 3000 Calories Of Raw Food | 40BelowFruity

  1. Tarah could you do a video with photos of what you typically eat for dinner
    in a week. Do you have a lot of fruit for dinners or salads or zucchini
    noodles etc. I have watched a lot of your other videos but would love to
    see what a typical week looks like. What are your staple dinner meals. I
    desperately want to go fully raw but by dinner time I just don’t want to
    eat just a Salad especially when I have to cook for my husband and toddler 

  2. I totally agree with you, and I think listening to your own body is so
    important and that there’s not enough emphasis placed on it. Everyone’s
    body is different and will have different needs. I absolutely love avocado
    and I crave it often, so I just eat them and not worry about it.

  3. My experience has been similar to yours. I struggled for so long and
    packing in the fruit never left me satisfied. Now I listen to what my body
    is telling me. It takes time to develop the skill to listen to your body. I
    try to maximize my greens and veggies and include a small amount of fat
    each day and I never have cravings and I eat as much as I want and just
    like you said I feel like I am really coming into my own on the raw diet
    after 2.5 years! 

  4. I am glad I watched this video! I do always feel bad when I eat fats even
    if its only like 10% fat for the day.

  5. Wow I’ve seen some other people in the comments say you look glowing, and
    you really do :) Questioning “why am I doing this?” Was what led me to
    change the way I ate too, I no longer do things that other people tell me
    to do and I now listen to my body as well, something I’ve never done in the

  6. I think you are very brave for uploading this video!
    Sometimes the raw food world seems so perfect to us, without flaws or hard
    times but in reality, no one really knows 100% of the truth.
    We are all looking for answers ( like: What are we supposed to eat? ) and
    everybody finds a different answer. It’s just…..the perception of our
    world differs so much from human to human.

  7. I tried high carb low fat, but it’s not for me. Having healthy fats in my
    daily diet definitely helps me keep satisfied and more energised. I’ve
    heard the same from a few other people too. Ultimately it is about doing
    what works for you, but we shouldn’t be frightened to have more healthy
    fats in our diet! So glad you mentioned this pretty controversial topic
    Tarah! :)

  8. hehe ya I started eating more avos over the last two months just naturally.
    i use to be afraid of them! interesting, eh! i should track my calories
    but I am so good at listening to my body now I just know how much to eat so
    I am not actually sure if I am eating less calories. See you soon! 

  9. I don’t count my calories i listen to my body and I always take the
    balanced approach because we need healthy fats in our diet. I’m just doing
    raw till 4 then cooked foods I can’t say I’m even totally vegan but high
    carbs fruit up and I increased my fat intake so I feel balanced 

  10. I started to feel better, when I started to eat big greens and veggies
    salads for lunch and dinner instead of fruit. So now I only have fruit
    (mainly big fruit smoothies) for breakfast and the rest of the day its just
    greens and veggies and some occassional fruit for a snack. I have no idea
    how many calories I eat per day, but I always feel full, satisfied and full
    of energy the whole day.

  11. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS! The first year (last year) I went raw for few
    months and yielded great results, but I would still get hungry or not even
    hungry but I have low blood sugar and everyone was just telling me to “eat
    more, carb up!” and I ended up ballooning up and if I fell off the wagon,
    it made it so much worse. So this year is going to be a journey, but I need
    to figure out what my body needs.

  12. Out of curiosity, did this lead to weight loss, or is it more or less just
    a comfort thing and better for your body?

  13. I felt the same way! I never felt comfortable stuffing myself with loads of
    fruit trying to get a certain amount of calories. And no matter how much
    fruit I ate, I still craved a little bit of fat. Everyone’s body is
    different, and you have to learn how to listen to it.

  14. I notice the protein in the avocado does allow me to take a break from the
    detox of fruit, also drinking juice concentrates high in sugar are very
    stimulating at curbing my hunger, i use these things to take a break from
    the detox, at the same time i do not want to use them too often because
    they are counter to the healing I want, but trying to to totally exclude
    these things is hard to handle after awhile, we all need time to just

  15. Great video, Tarah!!!
    I actually made a similar experience and eat more fat now as well (10-20%)
    and I am really happy that I first created a low fat basis and gave
    Freelee’s and Dr. McDougall’s approaches a try. Now that I feel really
    comfortable, I can listen to my body. And if I want more fat I eat it –
    without feeling guilty.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Hugs from Germany :)

  16. I am actually reading a book on nutrition for vegans and it says that the
    best is 15% fat, 10% – 15% protein and the rest is carbs. I suppose
    different things work for different people *as long as you’re not harming
    other living beings, of course* :)

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