Why I No Longer Eat Raw Vegan

In this video I share one of the main reasons why I no longer eat 100% raw vegan diet and the negative side effect that I experienced. This side effect did not happen until after I started eating a 100% raw vegan diet and the side effect went away when I started eating cooked food again.
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Amenorrhea reference: http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/condition/amenorrhea

In case the first reference becomes unavailable through the U of Maryland Medical Clinic website or you would like more information, there are plenty of other references on amenorrhea on the internet along with printed references that can be found in your local library, bookstore and medical center.

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10 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Eat Raw Vegan

  1. Brave of you to make a video like this due to all the trolls that would try
    to knock it down in the raw vegan community. I think that it is also ironic
    that you wanted to stay away from the raw vegan websites and now you are
    attracting them all here on your video by the title alone..lol..Anyway, I
    always thought it may be a good thing to not get your period and now you
    have shown another side..Thanks for taking the time out to share your
    knowledge. I am not sure if it still is a bad thing, but I don’t know
    enough and this raises some flags by what you have said about it thus far.
    The more I know, it seems, the less I know. Keep on posting your
    experience! Thanks!

  2. Yeah its not normal to not have your period, God gave us one for a reason
    so if someone truly is in tune with their body as much as they say they
    are, then they will not ignore the warning signs. I subscribed to you! good
    channel :)

  3. Very well said! Thank you for sharing. Do you think that your period
    stopping was due to just eating raw or that you had no or little dietary
    fat in the diet? Is your cooked veggies prepared with oils? When you were
    raw did you have a low body fat ratio? It seems like the raw foodist tend
    to be very lean (low body fat) and this can and will result in amenoria.
    Again, thanks for your video.

  4. I am on raw, but still have my period, although it’s not as heavy and the
    pain associated with my monthly period went away when I went fully raw.

  5. Raw foods are good, when you’re doing a cleansing and detox. Herbs, raw
    foods and water. But it shouldn’t be done for a long period of time. I
    think your approach is perfect. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing
    your story!

  6. I completely , 100%agree with what you’re saying. I am studying for my BSN
    and all I can say is not having a period is a sign of nutrient
    deficiencies. If you don’t get enough B-vitamins (hard to do on a raw
    diet), iron, and even certain vitamins that come from COOKING food, you are
    at risk for anemia, gout, liver and kidney function problems amongst other
    things. Raw foods and veggies are great, but you do need a good variety to
    achieve optimal health. 

  7. Amen! Thank you for posting, Extreme in anything is never a good thing!
    Fully Vegan, fully whole food, Good thing, 80, 10, 10; probably doesn’t
    work for the majority of people especially women. Unless you don’t want to
    have children

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