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The Raw Food Movement

I remember the first time I went to an organic orchard. I was in my twenties and went to visit my friend Nick who had recently bought the farm from Jack Powell. Jack’s father had established the farm in the 1920’s, apple and pear trees that were planted then were still be producing fruit. As we walked through the orchard I picked a cox orange pippin apple off a 80 year old tree and took I bite. I’ll never forget that moment, the favour of the apple was so complex, vibrant, I realise that this is was the taste I had never experienced before the taste fresh raw food.

Raw foods is the beginning of all things, and it can connect you to those moments, as I was at Nick’s orchard.

Yet for many the idea of eating raw foods may seem bland or boring, and limiting in the choices, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is there diversity in how raw foods can be eaten whether its juicing, fermented, dehydrated or sprouted the choices of what endless. The favours can be as complex and as simple as you’d like.

This Raw Food movement is even being embraced by the top chefs in the world through the Cook It Raw events. This group of avant-grande chefs explore the possibilities of cooking and preparing foods from a local region where they are encouraged to forage, harvest, and engage with the local community.

Its this connection with what we eat and our environment that is so much a part of what we have come to know through preparing and eating raw foods. So no matter how you come to deciding to try raw foods, whether it is to lose weight, detox, or just wanting to feel more energetic you will find there will be something to celebrate and embrace in this food.

Here is a video from my friends at Naked Treaties in Byron Bay. Jemma has created a raw food oasis.