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Juicing is a great way to get lots of veggies into our diets. It also is an instant source of nutrition since our bodies don’t have to digest all of the vegetable fiber.

However, there are a few things to consider before you start juicing away.

Did you know that above ground vegetables, particularly greens, contain anti-nutrients that can be potentially harmful at large doses. If you think about it, it makes sense. Plants want to survive so the parts that animals can see (above ground) contain some toxins to make them less appealing. This includes goitrogens, polyphenols, tannins, lectins, oxalates, etc. In small quantities, these are absolutely fine and even beneficial. However, when we juice, we need to use large quantities of these greens to actually create juice which can cause problems in some people.

Instead, use these greens as accents and instead stick to safer fruit and root vegetables.

This includes:

And of course, fruit itself. Most is fine to juice including:

If you want to add some greens, romaine, green/red and butter lettuce are better to use than kale, spinach and carrot/beet greens.

It’s also good to blend vegetables/fruits so you’re not getting TOO much sugar in one hit. Granted, it’s natural sugar, but our body needs to still process. Some even add some fat to juices to balance their blood sugar.

OK, now to the recipes….

Liver Love from the book Honestly Healthy

1 large beet
2 handfuls of spinach
3 carrots
1/2 handful of flat-leafed parsley

Juice and enjoy! And, yes, this is a high sugar one :)

Immune Booster from Honestly Healthy

3 beets
2 red apples
1 inch piece of ginger
juice of 1/2 lemon (I just put whole lemon in juicer :)

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22 thoughts on “❀ ❀ Juicing Dos and Don’ts + Recipes ❀ ❀

  1. Wait wait wait!!! She said to use vegetables as the bulk of your juice
    right? (beets, carrots, tomatoes etc…) Then she goes to say that leafy
    plants contain oxalate (such as spinach and parsley) Oxalate can cause

  2. Interesting. The whole juicing in the bedroom threw me off a bit. And I
    believe a variety of fruits and veggies are good to eat. Yes, some may not
    be good in large quantities if you have ailments that could become worse
    with consumption of particular veggies, but to limit the green leafy stuff
    from your diet? Questionable.

  3. Good info from two gorgeous ladies. You could easily pass as sisters. I
    watched Fat, sick, and nearly dead last night. Immediately after the show I
    went to Amazon and ordered a Breville. Now looking for recipes. Thanks. 

  4. Ignore this advice and juice your greens as much as possible. Yes they have
    oxalates but in very very low quantities.

  5. I got myself and juicer 2 months back and its so hard to find reliable
    science on what I should be juicing and how much. Just so much health food
    quackery and scaremongering click bait articles. Detoxing is not a thing,
    you cant make your body detox any faster than it already does, you can only
    put less toxins in.
    I did not know about oxalate’s before reading about it, so now I know not
    to over do it on my spinach and Kale intake.
    At least most the quacks are only in the comment section (some really weird
    logic going on below me), just because you eat it and feel fine doesn’t
    mean it’s not doing you some harm. 

  6. i want something that does broccoli and not have just juice from veggies
    and holding on to other parts of the veggies

  7. Hi Genevieve, this is the first video of yours that I have ever watched so
    forgive me if this topic has been covered before. I was wondering what you
    recommend as the best way to clean fruits and vegetables?

  8. Well they arnt wrong as some plants do develop a defense mechanism but I
    think they were trying to differ between the dangers of juicing greens and
    eating it straight. Debate with the oxilate thingy

  9. I don’t think you were spot on when you started to talk about how juicing
    green leafy vegetables wouldn’t be a good idea to do.

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